To all those that pontificated about the 5G rollout:

I toldya it was a bunch of hype over nothing with misinformation spread by those that knew nothing about either 5g or how radar altimeters work.

Federal Aviation Administration said it has agreed that Verizon Communications and AT&T can safely turn on more towers for C-Band 5G deployment

Despite the fears, the FAA has certified over 90% of commercial airlines. All the Boeing 7XX and airbus 3xx planes, and most of the other, smaller, regional jets.

All the hype and fears from the “experts”……A bunch of hot air (and outright fearmongering and lies) from people that know just enough to be dangerous and who talked just enough to show their complete ignorance. Adults, engineers, and people who actually knew what they were talking about understood that there would be no issues, those who knew nothing feared that there would be planes falling out of the sky.

The issue wasn’t one of interference, but rather incompetence by the FAA to certify aircraft before the rollout….The FAA failed to act until late in the game…Bureaucratic fail.┬áBut that is a hallmark of the Biden Administration, really.