Of course, it is the problem of the Feds

Not the State of Pennsylvania to pay for the bridges that are falling down….Shouldn’t it be the state that does the repair of existing bridges? Shouldn’t they allocate the gas tax money (57.6 cents per gallon) to fix bridges rather than liberal social engineering projects?

Joe says “We’ll fix ’em all”...Using the bridge failure as a vehicle to push his infrastructure bill

Thing is, that bridge has been neglected for YEARS…It didn’t decay overnight…..They didn’t fix it last time a Democrat spent big money on Infrastructure either. In 2009  thanks to Barry Obama there was big Federal tax money available for such repairs, but the Dems in Pennsylvania chose to spend their money on such items as footpaths and bike lanes and scenic overlooks and parks and such…..Not on such mundane things as a bridge….That bridge had needed repair for over 20 years.

This is a failure of State Government, not a lack of Federal Funding.


ETA:THIS is the mismanagement I was talking about

5 thoughts on “Of course, it is the problem of the Feds

  1. Also have to ‘wonder’ about the quality of the inspection…

  2. Yep. Every State should pay for its own infrastructure. I’m tired of bailing out Blue States (through DC) because they spend all of their own money on social(ist) programs.
    If the Blue States’ citizens had to live with the consequences of their globalist politicians, they might then learn to vote Right.

  3. Pennsylvania impressed me last time I was there . They raped me for taxes and I was only there for 4 hours . My butthole still hurts !

  4. I’ve been bitching about things like this for decades here in the land of potholes. We have the highest or second highest gasoline taxes in the nation, but still don’t fix the roads and bridges. Money is always being diverted for something else. My pet peeve is “Rails to Trails”. While the concept of buying old railroad right of ways to make hiking and biking trails is nice, it shouldn’t be funded in whole or part by cash that should go to road maintenance. Another is the PA Turnpike. This was made to be self sustaining by the tolls that are collected. That worked very well for many decades until the legislature decided to divert funds for other “projects”. Now the tolls have skyrocketed to the point where many people can’t afford to use it anymore. The latest brainstorm from the PA Dept. of Transportation is to put tolls on a number of interstate highway bridges across the commonwealth. I wonder whose pocket these funds will be going into……

  5. only about 10% of the money allocated in the new law goes to actual infrastructure. unless you count replacement of the “racist bridges”. then it might be 11%. locally, my town couldn’t get the money to repave the main street that was torn up to comply with some other federal mandate unless they built bike lanes, which wound up costing more than the grants. have yet to see a cyclist in one, but biden left billions in cash in afghanistan along w/ the billions in weapons.

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