Shades of LaQuan McDonald…

Except, of course, we hear no outcry ’cause Landon Eastep was white…..

Bodycam footage shows NINE cops surround and gun down man armed with a boxcutter in hail of bullets on Nashville highway

Dude was tens of feet away from the cops. Armed with a boxcutter. While 20+ feet is not a safe distance, it isn’t a distance where nine cops need to unload into him either. (Just Like LaQuan McDonald in Chicago) Those cops were tried for Murder.

Now, having said that, neither Landon nor LaQuan were choirboys, and both were somewhat dangerous. Both of them had mental issues. But both were shot at a range of more than 20 feet multiple times, execution style.

The difference is one was white, and one was black. One was used to stir up black votes and black anger…and the other, being white, was not useful for anything. So his murder remains unnoticed and unheeded by the press.


4 thoughts on “Shades of LaQuan McDonald…

  1. In the video, Eastep pulls an object out of his pocket and takes a “shooting” stance. Police were talking to him for ~ a half hour before he acted. There were approximately a dozen police in a half circle around him at a distance of ~ 10 yards. Pistol or knife, no one was going to get near him until he showed empty hands. When he pointed the object at the officer directly in front of him, there was an immediate volley of shots from all angles.

    “Suicide by cop”.

    They tried to talk him down. This guy decided to die.

  2. Don’t think so. None of the officers with a clear shot was going to wait for someone else to deal with that “pistolero” move. Eastep knew exactly what he was doing. Most of the Officers had their firearms out so any move that appeared hostile was only going to lead to one outcome. They were smart enough to let one Officer do the talking to avoid confusing the suspect. He got to move around a lot until he made the “move”. Looks like a 9mm jury that in an instant voted for death just as the suspect desired.

    The “late shots” were appropriate since the suspect still had control of the threatening object and thus was still a threat. The shooting ceased when an Officer with a good view, and back-up, yelled, “cease fire”. As a rule of thumb, once the shooting starts, keep firing as long as there is a likely threat. There have been any number of incidents where a suspect kept fighting after receiving multiple firearm hits. This suspect was clearly “not right”, may have been on drugs, and may have needed extra effort to realize that he was done.

    Suicide by Cop. They tried to talk this one down but he made his choice.

    • Aaannnd, again, you miss the point. Perhaps it is too subtle for you.
      Or yer just being obtuse (look it up).

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