Yoonyuns and Democrats taking care of working folks

Yeah, they are allowing the unions to reduce pensions because said unions haven’t adequately funded the pension funds……Seems that they skimmed a bit too much over the years and now they want to cut pensions to those folks who worked hard and paid those union dues and paid into the pension funds so they could retire after 20+ years with a good living…..

Watching out for the working man and all that…..

Manhunt, huh?

So the LA police did a “Manhunt” early Monday morning because some officers thought they might have been shot at. 

Now, on the one hand, I don’t have any issues with this.

On the other hand, if the police could pull officers from other locations and find all that manpower to do the area wide search and manhunt, why can’t they do it for everyone? I mean, it isn’t like that was the first gunshot heard in the area that month or even that week.

Odd, innit how they can react so forcefully with all those cops when it might be a cop who is the target….But not when it is another citizen who is shot at…….And lets not even talk about how they responded when Chris Dorner scared them and threatened them

I’m just sayin’.


the only thing I wanted that I didn’t get for Christmas was a backhoe attachment for my Kubota tractor (the better to hide the evidence with….).

I sincerely hope you all had an excellent Christmas this year.

And a Merry Christmas to all

To each of my readers, May you have the most merry and satisfying Christmas this year.

Whatever your traditions, be it homebound, be it spent with friends, with family, whatever you do to recharge your spirit, I wish you good tidings and joy.

Again, to those forced by duty to be tasked away from friends and family: Thank you for your service and sacrifice.

Please remember the reason for this season though.

A though goes out

To all of you having to work for us on either Christmas eve or Christmas day:

Police, Fire, etc.

Thank you.

And to all those Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, Sailors and Coast Guardsmen standing post or standing watch on these days:

Again, thank you for your service and sacrifice. Have a Merry Christmas.

To the rest of you: Say thanks to these folks as well. They stand between us and evil. Appreciate that.


On the 24th of December, the UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect.

Now, the Senate hasn’t ratified it, so it means nothing. Unless Barry decides (and Congress chooses to let him (again)) to do and end run around Congress, it won’t matter to us.

But just in case they have a plan, Here is your practice target: