On the 24th of December, the UN Arms Trade Treaty goes into effect.

Now, the Senate hasn’t ratified it, so it means nothing. Unless Barry decides (and Congress chooses to let him (again)) to do and end run around Congress, it won’t matter to us.

But just in case they have a plan, Here is your practice target:

5 thoughts on “24th:

  1. If Con-Gress dares to ratify that unconstitutional mess of a treaty, I think the choice of targets will be a bit wider…

  2. The bullseye should be just below the bottom of the 10-ring, the 8-ring is about right, and any hits to the helmet itself count zero.

    Hard cover after all.

  3. Billll:

    I have rifles that will penetrate both sides of the helmet. Don't you?

  4. I don't know. What does it take?

    I also imagine a lot of people don't. If all you have is a .22, then shot placement becomes critical.

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