Road Trip….

Pulling the new (for my brother, anyway) tractor on a trailer for 325 miles. Call it 8500 lbs.

20 MPH headwind the whole way back.

The tractor has a cab, which made us about 10 foot tall. Wind drag was enormous .

Especially at about 78 MPH. Which was pretty much what we cruised at.

The new truck pulled it like a champ. Thirsty though.  . Average out unloaded was 18, average back was…..9.7.  Hard to dislike a diesel with an engine brake. Pulled it like it wasn’t even there. Stopped it too….

No incidents except losing the carcass of a tire on the trailer. Which my brother (who was driving) caught early enough that it was no big deal. Pull over at the next exit, pull the jack and spare and change. No blowout.

Makin’ miles.

It was a good trip. My Dad and my Brother and I don’t get together for shit like that enough anymore.  

Road trip!

Gotta pick up some equipment with my brother and father.

Gonna break in the new  truck right. Hauling circa 10K for a couple hundred miles.

Go read the folks on the left side They got more to say and they do it better anyway.


I don’t drink beer much

(or anything at all, mostly) ’cause I like to stay outa jail, and alcohol generally leads there…

But this sort of thing makes my want to buy a case or a 12 pack just to support a company that has the balls to support our veterans.

Memorial Day isn’t about our veterans, but it IS about those they lost. The ones that didn’t come home, the comrades they lost.

Remember, during your hotdogs, burgers, friends or family, the extra day off.

You got it because they gave.

Your freedom is due to their sacrifice.

So raise a glass, take a minute ,think of them. Say “Thank You”. Trust me, they’ll hear it.

Now go enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday.

Hacking the election of 2016:

“Cultural appropriation” war

Will they go after the coffehouses too? Oddly, I don’t see any coffeehouses on the list…..

I mean….Coffee isn’t a white person’s thing, IIRC, will they close down all of the coffehouses not owned by Africans or South Americans? Anyone not Columbian?
I doubt it, as then then they’d lose their social centers……Of course, that’d make ’em hypocrites.

But they hate “Cultural Appropriation”…..

SJW’s make list of  white owned “appropriative restaurants” …Will they put them out of business like they did Kooks Burrios?

I’d use a list like this to choose where I was gonna eat when I went out…..

There oughta be a law allowing people to smack SJW’s…..Like “Punch a Hippy” day once was…..

(ETA: THE ABOVE LINE IS SATIRE….some folks apparently don’t have the intelligence to understand nor comprehend that…..)

So while you enjoy

Your three day weekend…..our burgers, and hotdogs and Mom’s Potato salad, and the desserts and camaraderie of your friends or family…

The races, the Parades, the days off work…

Please, take a moment.

Remember what, and who, this holiday is for.

Just a moment.


I gotta take the tractor and backhoe attachment ad dig a trench today.  this will be more job than I have machine.

Maybe more later if I get inspired. 

Lone wolf, huh?

If I can count correctly, this makes SEVEN (now 8) arrests in the muslim led attack on children in Manchester.

7  8 people.

Some Lone Wolf, huh?

Woman arrested in Manchester attack investigation.

But Trump can’t block unvetted travelers from these countries where these attackers come from, because fairness or something.

When did the folks in the rest of the world get the same rights our citizens get here in this country?