Road Trip….

Pulling the new (for my brother, anyway) tractor on a trailer for 325 miles. Call it 8500 lbs.

20 MPH headwind the whole way back.

The tractor has a cab, which made us about 10 foot tall. Wind drag was enormous .

Especially at about 78 MPH. Which was pretty much what we cruised at.

The new truck pulled it like a champ. Thirsty though.  . Average out unloaded was 18, average back was…..9.7.  Hard to dislike a diesel with an engine brake. Pulled it like it wasn’t even there. Stopped it too….

No incidents except losing the carcass of a tire on the trailer. Which my brother (who was driving) caught early enough that it was no big deal. Pull over at the next exit, pull the jack and spare and change. No blowout.

Makin’ miles.

It was a good trip. My Dad and my Brother and I don’t get together for shit like that enough anymore.