I don’t drink beer much

(or anything at all, mostly) ’cause I like to stay outa jail, and alcohol generally leads there…

But this sort of thing makes my want to buy a case or a 12 pack just to support a company that has the balls to support our veterans.

Memorial Day isn’t about our veterans, but it IS about those they lost. The ones that didn’t come home, the comrades they lost.

Remember, during your hotdogs, burgers, friends or family, the extra day off.

You got it because they gave.

Your freedom is due to their sacrifice.

So raise a glass, take a minute ,think of them. Say “Thank You”. Trust me, they’ll hear it.

Now go enjoy your Memorial Day Holiday.

One thought on “I don’t drink beer much

  1. Well said, and they DO support vets, which is outstanding!!!

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