Lone wolf, huh?

If I can count correctly, this makes SEVEN (now 8) arrests in the muslim led attack on children in Manchester.

7  8 people.

Some Lone Wolf, huh?

Woman arrested in Manchester attack investigation.

But Trump can’t block unvetted travelers from these countries where these attackers come from, because fairness or something.

When did the folks in the rest of the world get the same rights our citizens get here in this country?

2 thoughts on “Lone wolf, huh?

  1. Bit of a stretch there, B. Nowhere in the article does it say the woman came from another country. Neither does it say she was a native Brit. You're making an assumption to coincide with your argument. I call that disingenuous.


  2. THe bomber, his brother, and 2 of the associated did indeed come from other countries.

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