So Nancy Pelosi claims that Donald’s response to the Coronavirus effort is “Underfunded”.

I agree.
We need to close the border and quarantine people entering this country from anywhere for a period of….say 25 days (at a minimum).

We need more money for border security.
We need some folks in the CDC who have a clue, who realize that simply scanning the foreheads of people getting of a plane with an infrared thermometer is not a preventative response.

And I would ask this of Ms Pelosi:
Which social programs are you gonna cut to get the funding for these programs?
Welfare? SNAP? What?

I’m open to funding the response better if she will figure out who pays for it. She and her ilk spend every dine we give as taxes, and then some.
So what is she gonna cut??

Not approved by the FDA:

There is a persistent rumor that 2 ounces of Ethyl Alcohol  (C2H5OH) applied every 4 hours internally will prevent the Coronavirus from infecting a human body (with 89% effectiveness).

While this has not (yet) been proved, I, so far, have not gotten the Coronavirus.

Further experimentation will continue, of course.

The FDA could not be reached for comment. 

Preps? Got ’em?

I bet that the folks in Northern Italy wish they did have them.

Store shelves are reported as empty in northern Italy as entire towns are blockaded in response to a sudden spike in Coronavirus cases. 

While most people diagnosed with the virus experience mild symptoms (apparently, if you are white european, it doesn’t affect you as readily) the quarantines of entire towns has led to store shelves being emptied as people panic buy stock up for the long haul. 

Lots of people in Italy don’t have large refrigerators (or =, apparently, any at all) and don’t stock much food in their small apartments/homes. (most americans have no idea how small they are)

Can you handle a two or three week quarantine? How about masks if you family is quarantined with a bunch of potential sick people?

I think, conservatively, that I can feed, clothe and support 8 people in my home for about 2 1/2 weeks without having to break into my emergency supplies….even if I should lose electrical power.  If I have electricity to keep the fridge and freezer going, then that becomes closer to 25 weeks (we are gonna get tired of beef though), or a shorter time for more people. If I go to the emergency supplies, that becomes 6 months for 10 people, but the diet gets really boring (beans and rice)

How about medicines? Can you deal with a forced quarantine?

How about you? might could happen here after all.
Think it couldn’t? Who in Northern Italy thought that they would have a corona virus outbreak there?

I can’t find it online, but there was an interview on ABC where some woman was most worried about her dogs needing specialized food to survive and she only had a weeks worth.

While I don’t (yet) believe that things will get to the Pandemic stage, if you don’t have 2 or three weeks of supplies for the people you need to take care of, then you might start “panic buying” early…beat the rush.

Ever since….

So I am in line at the local Home Depot..

I hate the store, only because upper management has decided to save money by installing a bunch of Self Checkout kiosks and not staffing the manned checkout registers….

If I could have found the fastener that I needed elsewhere, I would have gone there. But I couldn’t, so there I was at Home Depot, in line with like 8 other folks in front of me, waiting for the lone girl at the only staffed checkout line (out of 8)….

And I sneezed.  Folks looked at me but then ignored me.
So I said to the guy behind me (who was standing closer than I like anyway) “Ever since I got back from China I’ve been sneezing like a bitch”.

And just like that!, there was no one in front of me at the checkout line. I was, actually, alone for a space of at least 25 feet.



If anything good can come out of this disease, there is this:

Folks are realizing that so many of their products that they use daily are produced in China, or made FROM or WITH products produced in China.

And may manufacturers are realizing that without China, they have nothing to produce….and they are realizing that their business depends of China to remain open and viable as a manufacturer.

I thing that this, along with Trumps push to “Make America Great” and return business and manufacturing to the US, will do a lot to bring manufacturing back the the US…*and other countries will move to bring their supply chains back home, or at least diversify them)*

An Observation:

“Paddle Shifters” (those little levers behind th steering wheel that will allow you to shift your automatic transmission on your street car like they do in race cars) are a somewhat useless addition on street cars when the steering ratio such that it is greater than 3/4 of a turn lock to lock.

If your steering ratio is such that you have to move your hands on the wheel, then the “Paddle Shifters” are a joke and are simply added so Millenials can feel like they are bad-assed drivers, much like the steering wheel your parents put on the front of your car seat when you were 3 years old. 

Or leave ’em on an ice floe

As it is rumored some “eskimos” did with their elderly…

“If You Show Up with Cancer and You’re 95 – We Should Say We Can’t Do Anything” – Bloomberg Explains How Healthcare will Bankrupt Us Unless We Deny Care to Elderly

And, on a purely economic level, he is right. I mean, after all, after 70, most people begin to use the healthcare system at an ever more costly rate per year. (Forget that they likely paid a LOT into the health insurance system for years and years, the “New” Obamacare Socialized Medicine system needs the money because it has to cover everyone, no matter how little they contribute

(Which is how the NHS in Britain is starting to act, BTW)

But that is the real issue with Socialism, innit? Socialist Medicine is, after all, Socialism. And Socialism doesn’t really care about the individual, except for their usefulness to the State. Once that usefulness is gone, their value is zero….and they should be discarded.

It is even worse when your socialist leader is a short, mean, angry man with zero compassion who thinks he is better than the folks he wishes to lead.