If anything good can come out of this disease, there is this:

Folks are realizing that so many of their products that they use daily are produced in China, or made FROM or WITH products produced in China.

And may manufacturers are realizing that without China, they have nothing to produce….and they are realizing that their business depends of China to remain open and viable as a manufacturer.

I thing that this, along with Trumps push to “Make America Great” and return business and manufacturing to the US, will do a lot to bring manufacturing back the the US…*and other countries will move to bring their supply chains back home, or at least diversify them)*

3 thoughts on “Coronavirus

  1. Folks are also realizing that our government, in bringing infected people from where the disease IS to where it ISN'T, is NOT your friend…

  2. If you use filters for HVACs, HIPA units, etc. I'd be buying a few extra about now… Just sayin…

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