Ever since….

So I am in line at the local Home Depot..

I hate the store, only because upper management has decided to save money by installing a bunch of Self Checkout kiosks and not staffing the manned checkout registers….

If I could have found the fastener that I needed elsewhere, I would have gone there. But I couldn’t, so there I was at Home Depot, in line with like 8 other folks in front of me, waiting for the lone girl at the only staffed checkout line (out of 8)….

And I sneezed.  Folks looked at me but then ignored me.
So I said to the guy behind me (who was standing closer than I like anyway) “Ever since I got back from China I’ve been sneezing like a bitch”.

And just like that!, there was no one in front of me at the checkout line. I was, actually, alone for a space of at least 25 feet.


3 thoughts on “Ever since….

  1. That got a chuckle from me…and then I wondered, "Did he REALLY say that?"

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