That fuckin’ easy

Mike Bloomberg thinks that farming is easy:

He thinks that machining is pretty simple:

He believes that all those farmers and all those machinists are too stupid to learn something he considers difficult.

Seriously, he thinks y’all are stupid and simple, and that your jobs don’t require much in the way of brains or intellect.


“Information Technology”, now that is hard work, requiring both brains and intellect, something which farmers and machinists just don’t have…If they can read and use a computer at all.

Probably better if you don’t tax yourself and think on it too hard.

Leave that to smarter folks like him and his chosen.

Pass this on to everyone you know.  Make sure that people know what elitist Mikey thinks about us plain people.

HT: Feral Irishman

Rumors of an unholy union:

Since Mike Bloomberg appears to have bought off convinced the DNC folks to allow him to run as a Democratic Presidential candidate (despite missing several primaries and therefore those delegate votes)….

and since rumors are strong that he will ask Hillary VonPansuit the loser Clinton to be his Vice President….

I cannot help but think that this has some merit:

If it should come about, does anyone know where I can buy some Life Insurance on Mikey? Or a bookie who will give me some odds for him to survive his first 365 days in office? I’m thinking 8:3 against is where I’d go. Maybe even 7:10 against. 
Just sayin’

You right rotten rat bastard:

So here I am, selling raffle tickets for my Gun Club in order that we can keep the cost of our Gun Safety and Hunter Safety classes artificially low in order that we can provide them to more people.

And some dude walks up with a 6 week old golden retriever puppy in his hands. He listens to my spiel about the tickets, the odds, etc and says, “yes, I’ll take one, hold this”.

He then hands a very sleepy female puppy to me, who immediately tries to snuggle to be warm and safe.


“She’s for sale, you know” as he filled out his contact info on the raffle ticket.
I was tempted. Very tempted. Greatly so. I haven’t had a dog since August 13 2012. Haven’t wanted one, really.
But Puppy.  pretty little girl labrador puppy.   Damn.

I took his money, gave him his ticket and handed her back, not without reservations.

I’m not strong enough for that yet. I couldn’t yet face this or this… least not now. Maybe never.

Why are they exempt?

Seems that the City of Chicago is under fire for billing a CHURCH for water used by the church.


Why are church’s Churches exempt from water bills? Why should they be exempt and other organizations (and individuals) are not?

I fail to see why they should get a break for services or water or other consumables they use that are provided by the City…They don’t get free electricity, not gas….why is water free?
Water costs money to source, transport, and purify. The pipelines and pumping equipment needs maintenance and upgrades.

What makes the church special? They are, after all, simply an organization. Other Non-profits get the same treatment, but they use water, just as any business or organization with a building uses water and other services provided by the city.

The issue is not this particular church, but all churches in general.

I was unaware of this until the news team from CBS2Chicago chose to bring it to our attention.

++ Thanks to  SmileyFtW  for being a grammar/spelling nazi. 

Good Gun Show

The Dunes Rifle and Pistol club will be having their twice yearly gun show this Saturday and Sunday at the Porter County Expo center.

(Not my club, but a good gunshow).

I’ll be there Saturday selling raffle tickets for my club.

Stop in and say hi if you are there.

I predict a run on large diameter PVC and assorted end caps

(Of course, “if it is time to bury ’em it is usually time to use ’em” is another thought for this time as well).

I really wonder if the new government is trying to make things get “sporty” really fast or something.

RICHMOND, Va. — A highly-contested bill that would make it a crime to own an assault weapon in Virginia passed the House of Delegates on Tuesday by a slim margin.

I wonder what the compliance rate will be, if this bill passes

Urban misconceptions:

So CBS is “Interviewing” some folks about the New Hampsire Primary…..

2 dudes who are ice fishing.

They are sitting in lawn chairs. on the ice. Just a bag of fishing tackle.

No ice fishing shelter, just 2 dudes on a lake around a hole in the ice. Not wearing much in the way of protection besides brand new Columbia lightweight jackets and gimme hats or sweaters…. No stocking caps. No gloves. Not even heavy socks and warm boots.
Lawn chairs…out in the open. Drinking fresh coffee and talking about the primary.

Not that this is staged, or anything….

I’ve ice fished. It was NEVER out in the open. never with just coffee. Never without a shelter of some kind to block the wind.

Maybe they do it differently in NH.

But if you never go off the sidewalk, I guess you might buy it. If you think Central Park is wilderness…..

I don’t. 

Arm tired

Flew for 4 hours on Saturday….2.6, then 1.4. Windy, bumpy (not too bad), and lots of wind changes at different levels.

Holds, approaches, holds and more approaches.

No autopilot, all hand flying.

My arms are tired.

I am, however getting less bad at this.

Another couple of hundred hours and I will be ready for my checkride. 

James West has taken his railcar off into the sunset

Robert Conrad has passed .

I remember him first as James West, that ‘Special Agent” with all the cool gadgets, who always got the job done…

And later, as “Pappy” Boyington, that guy who took a bunch of Ner-Do Well pilots and forged them into a fighting force that, again, always got the job done. A Patriot who knew he (and his men) was expendable if it drove the Japs back and saved the lives of American Servicemen.

His legacy will live on in my memory.