Why are they exempt?

Seems that the City of Chicago is under fire for billing a CHURCH for water used by the church.


Why are church’s Churches exempt from water bills? Why should they be exempt and other organizations (and individuals) are not?

I fail to see why they should get a break for services or water or other consumables they use that are provided by the City…They don’t get free electricity, not gas….why is water free?
Water costs money to source, transport, and purify. The pipelines and pumping equipment needs maintenance and upgrades.

What makes the church special? They are, after all, simply an organization. Other Non-profits get the same treatment, but they use water, just as any business or organization with a building uses water and other services provided by the city.

The issue is not this particular church, but all churches in general.

I was unaware of this until the news team from CBS2Chicago chose to bring it to our attention.

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