You right rotten rat bastard:

So here I am, selling raffle tickets for my Gun Club in order that we can keep the cost of our Gun Safety and Hunter Safety classes artificially low in order that we can provide them to more people.

And some dude walks up with a 6 week old golden retriever puppy in his hands. He listens to my spiel about the tickets, the odds, etc and says, “yes, I’ll take one, hold this”.

He then hands a very sleepy female puppy to me, who immediately tries to snuggle to be warm and safe.


“She’s for sale, you know” as he filled out his contact info on the raffle ticket.
I was tempted. Very tempted. Greatly so. I haven’t had a dog since August 13 2012. Haven’t wanted one, really.
But Puppy.  pretty little girl labrador puppy.   Damn.

I took his money, gave him his ticket and handed her back, not without reservations.

I’m not strong enough for that yet. I couldn’t yet face this or this… least not now. Maybe never.

3 thoughts on “You right rotten rat bastard:

  1. B, you should have taken the dog. I'm a cat person myself, but I appreciate a good dog as well. I firmly believe our life isn't full without pets. Yes, when one dies it takes a piece of our heart with it. But the next one returns it with interest.

  2. I already have 5 cats living in my home.

    But dogs are better companions, and I'm not ready to give myself to one just yet knowing what will happen 15-20 years from now.

    Selfish, but I am only so strong.

  3. Boy, they're sweet. But this isn't buying a new chair.

    But they sure are sweet. That guy won't have a problem finding her a home.

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