I predict a run on large diameter PVC and assorted end caps

(Of course, “if it is time to bury ’em it is usually time to use ’em” is another thought for this time as well).

I really wonder if the new government is trying to make things get “sporty” really fast or something.

RICHMOND, Va. — A highly-contested bill that would make it a crime to own an assault weapon in Virginia passed the House of Delegates on Tuesday by a slim margin.

I wonder what the compliance rate will be, if this bill passes

4 thoughts on “I predict a run on large diameter PVC and assorted end caps

  1. i don't think anyone here is burying their guns. more like arming up.

  2. Guns don't do you a lot of good covered in dirt… Uncle Sam has proven how inept he is at rounding up large groups of lawbreakers; illegal aliens, deciding instead to reward them for breaking the law instead!

    My exercising my Second Amendment rights does not make me a felon. My government trying to step on that right DOES make the government guilty of unconstitutional behavior!

  3. AGREE w Peteforester. I have read it written that "if it is time to bury your guns, it is really time to load them in preparation for use ". As I've said, I have read it written. Frankly, I feel that I would be giving mine away, and have them be untraceable, before I'd be giving them up. Not Even ONE.

  4. we're going to need more lawyers. who's good with 2A law? I want to work for him/her.

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