Urban misconceptions:

So CBS is “Interviewing” some folks about the New Hampsire Primary…..

2 dudes who are ice fishing.

They are sitting in lawn chairs. on the ice. Just a bag of fishing tackle.

No ice fishing shelter, just 2 dudes on a lake around a hole in the ice. Not wearing much in the way of protection besides brand new Columbia lightweight jackets and gimme hats or sweaters…. No stocking caps. No gloves. Not even heavy socks and warm boots.
Lawn chairs…out in the open. Drinking fresh coffee and talking about the primary.

Not that this is staged, or anything….

I’ve ice fished. It was NEVER out in the open. never with just coffee. Never without a shelter of some kind to block the wind.

Maybe they do it differently in NH.

But if you never go off the sidewalk, I guess you might buy it. If you think Central Park is wilderness…..

I don’t. 

One thought on “Urban misconceptions:

  1. Just like John "Effin'" Kerry going in "to git me a huntin' license"

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