So when the next Assault Weapons Ban Happens

And Barry outlaws such machinery (if he can,…. and the big question: if our legislators will roll over and let him…)…

What are you gonna do?

Bury ’em in the backyard? (We will get to that later)…..

Turn ’em in like the Australians did?

Really, what are ya gonna do?

A lot of New Yorkers chose to Not Comply with the “Safe Act”…
Now, apparently, (and, illegally, I think) somehow the NY State Police have 4473’s….the better to knock your door down with a search warrant some evening….

Unless you have done a great job of hiding ’em, they’ll find ’em. And charge you…and fine or incarcerate you.  Best have a plan and have ’em (and the ammo) hidden well…..very well.

I, for one, believe that if the time has come to hide/bury those firearms, then it is past time to use ’em instead….

But I have also taken the time over the years to make several cache areas….some near my home, some elsewhere….in order that I have options and time to plan.

All cache areas are well salted with scrap iron. Steel and aluminum washers, short (and long) bits of rebar, and allthread….some an inch long, some a foot or two….some 16 and 20 inches long. Lots of buried wire that is (oddly enough) about 20″ long…the same general length of a barrel and receiver. lots of aluminum cans and small blocks of aluminum…. Lots of empty cases buried or pushed into the ground. sometimes in groups of 20 or 30….(I pick ’em up from the trash at the public ranges)…even a few buried ammo boxes here and there….

How many false positives before the searchers give up? How many pieces of 3/8″ or 1/4″ steel pipe buried in PVC tubes before they choose other locations? (A posthole digger is your friend here, BTW…. And this is work. Hard work) I’m not saying that ground penetrating radar wouldn’t be an aid to them, but I have done can do a lot to make even that form of detection harder…..

So. Can. You.

Laying false trails makes ’em waste valuable manpower…and if they are wasting time on your well-seeded possible stash areas, they aren’t looking at your neighbors or compatriots. ….Giving them time to do something. Even giving them time to think how hard they are willing to resist.

Next time you go to the hardware store/Lowes/Home Depot, ask the plumbing department for their mistakes and cutoffs……Might be you can walk out with a bunch of scrap for nothing…Seed several areas. Same-same with your neighbors recyclables. Your workshop scrap? Same-same…

Yes, it is littering. Done in a good cause.

I figure over the years I have left thousands of false triggers for the metal detectors and GPR in many areas. Some also have the cache ready for when I need ’em. Some are ready to receive the stash when the time comes.

Are You Ready?

Or will you knuckle under?  Be like the Australians in 1996? Have your freedom taken from you because of one incident used by socialist politicians who want to control you?

Plus, Note that Kalifornia can now take your weapons “Just Because“….and you don’t get any notice they are in court to do so….no chance to face your accuser or defend yourself until AFTER the confiscation has taken place…….   I think if I lived there, I’d have already buried one or two…..if I absolutely HAD to live in that state……

Holy Fcuk!

Drove from NW Indiana to East Lansing Michiganistan today….and back.

Rain when I left.

Turned to freezing rain just past the state line. Then sleet. Rain, sleet. Ice, Freezing rain/Ice….then snow. Then more rain then sleet ….then snow.

Then, for the last 30 miles, nothing. Ran about a 50 MPH average where I often run 75

Loaded up my elderly passenger and his possessions, (in the sleet) and then made for home.

Sleet/slush/snow/rain…in every combination.

‘Twasn’t the roads, but the friggin’ PEOPLE that made the drive so bad. Yes, it was slikkery, but I can deal with that. The morons? Not so much. 30 MPH on the interstate? Dude, get off the road. Fer sure, get out of the LEFT LANE. Don’t be too skeered to pass the truck, either pass it or fall back and run behind it….But don’t block the lane for the following 2 miles of people that can’t get past you…

Grrr. 39 MPH AVERAGE…where 55 or 60 would have been safe much of the time.

But got my passenger to where he needed to be, safely, if a bit late.

So all is good.

But I HATE the first real weather because of the fools that cannot deal with it.

On the post below:

It was pointed out in an email that some might construe my post immediately below as racist.

Maybe it is. Doesn’t change the facts.

But you and I both know what the media won’t report.

’twasn’t Amish yoots running round fighting, “Brawling” and acting badly enough to shut down an entire mall.

It wasn’t psychotic Asian Lutherans, either.

Was Dindu Nuffins and their girlfriends. It is every time. Poor black yoots from a certain subset of the black race, Hip hop and welfare.

Face facts, deal with it.

From comments about this incident on another site:

“How many sons does Obama have?”

I’d like to see the video

Of the “Brawl” that this story covers. Oddly, over 1500 “yoots” fighting, yet not a single picture of even one of them……..

I’d like to know the demographic of the “youths” and I’d like to know how much was stolen while people were paying attention to the “brawls”.

‘Twas bad enough to shut down an entire mall, yet….

“No arrests were made”….

I wish

all of you a merry Christmas.

May you spend it with people you love.

Remember the reason we give gifts.

If you aren’t Christian, or do not celebrate Christmas, then take the wish of Merry Christmas in the way it was intended.

I’m out, gonna spend Christmas with my family.