One thought on ““to ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited”

  1. Hi B,
    "To ensure that the right to keep and bear arms is not unlimited!!!" 'Read this drivel on a couple of other gunner blogs and the consensus was the same!!! I like the idea of a Sergio Leone produced "Hangin' like that multi scene in "Hangem' High" with Clint Eastwood!!! Stick that libtard that wrote that heading in the line up, I just love the part where Clint, the Marshall, grabs that cute Red headed Dance Hall girl and drag's her off as she's yellin' "Marshall I wanna' see the Hangin!!" Clint has other plans… meanwhile back at the hangin' our boy is shakin' in is boots as the hangman puts the sack over his head and the noose around his neck!! The Preacher leads the crowd in a chorus of "Rock of Ages" and then our "Hangman" goes down to the switch, (Note he is not "Masked" as would be usual!!) he takes out a short pint of whiskey from his back pocket, takes a "hit" then since it is a multi and there are 4 rings, he places that cottonwood branch thru the rings and "PULLS!!!!" "KER-LATCH and Thunk!" as they all drop and come to a screeching halt!!
    The Bar is now open Boyz and Girlz!!
    Got Rope…..OUTLAW!!!!!,

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