I wonder:

I mean, the National Enquirer is, once in a while, good for breaking news…..and not everything that they publish  (oddly enough) is bullshit…

Hillary Clinton repeatedly used unsecured phones to contact four of her lesbian lovers

I dunno, she has demonstrated an odd (but repeated) overwhelming lack of understanding of technology and security.

So maybe it is true.

She already had most of the gay vote, so it won’t matter there, but it might kill her with the more conservative of the Democrats…..

But the thing is, if she is that foolish and sloppy with her security do we really want her as president?

Just a thank you

Sadly, those who I am thanking can’t read my words.

But the thanks are there, in both words and in my heart.

Y’all ain’t forgotten, at least not by me.



And it is true:
Class act, these folks. You won’t be able to see it today (Sunday) because they are closed….they walk the talk. 
But check it out Monday. 

Take a minute

And remember what this “holiday” is all about.

While you are working on your yard, or relaxing by the pool, or barbecuing at the lake or whatever you do on Memorial Day, remember WHY you have the freedom to do so….And what this holiday is really for.

Raise a glass, say a prayer, maybe just a silent “Thank You” to those we are memorializing. But remember….It isn’t just a three day weekend.

Now go enjoy your hot dogs.

Little people go to jail

Unlike Hillary Clinton, this person’s mishandling of classified data (the only crime he committed, except for the attempted coverup when he learned he was under investigation) is going to lead him to jail time.

Lets look at the parallels here:

1. possession of classified data.
2. Improper storage of said data.
3. Deleting files and evidence that the data existed when investigated.
4. Lying to investigators.

Sub sailor’s photo case draws comparisons to Clinton emails.

If we really had “equal protection under the law” either he’d go free or she’d be in jail.


I thought Barnhardt was finally going to stop posting her hate filled slimy drivel…Because she no longer loved the country or something like that.

Yet I see her in other blogrolls with new posts.


Well, that was interesting…..

So last year, I bought this new Subaru. In order to get the options I wanted, I had to buy a package that came with a sunroof.

I never had a sunroof in a car before. Never saw the need where I live.

But, since I have it, I thought I might as well try it out…I mean, I paid for it, might as well use it, right? .

Wednesday was a wonderful day. At noon it was 84, lots of sunshine. I actually enjoyed driving with the sunroof open.

I had to run some errands, and stopped at the chiropractor about 14:00. I left my carry piece securely locked in the car as there is no secure storage at the Chiropractor’s office. I left the windows up and the sunroof open about 8″ for semi security and to keep the car from getting too hot while I was at the docs.

He wasn’t as busy as I expected what with all the cars in the lot, and I was in and out in about 20 minutes.

I paid up, got back into the car, and left. All by myself in the car. No one but me. I know this because I had checked as part of my security scan that I do before entering a car that has been parked outside of my vision for any length of time at all….

I was driving down the road about a half mile from the doc’s office when there was a dark colored bit of motion at the right edge of my peripheral vision.

As I looked in the rearview mirror to see what it was, something bounced off the inside of the sunroof glass of the car then there was a sharp pain on my right shoulder and something was hitting me in the ear…!.

I admit I swerved the car a bit (OK, a lot), and yelled out loud and maybe peed myself just a little bit before realizing that a bird had happened to enter the car through the sunroof while I was in the doc’s office and had apparently been in the backseat footwell when I scanned the interior of the car before unlocking it….and had tried to exit through the same sunroof while I was driving down the road at about 40 mph and had bounced off the glass before falling onto my right shoulder.

I pulled over and let him out and let my heart rate go back to normal. Both of us were unharmed.

I am, however, rethinking this sunroof decision.

Glad I am not in Baltimore tonight

I expect …Interesting happenings tonight.

Mobs are mindless, and they just plain don’t care.

Plus the folks who will want “revenge” and will prove their inability to be in civilized society (and prove the KKK right, to be honest) when they express their unhappiness with the verdict.