Well, that was interesting…..

So last year, I bought this new Subaru. In order to get the options I wanted, I had to buy a package that came with a sunroof.

I never had a sunroof in a car before. Never saw the need where I live.

But, since I have it, I thought I might as well try it out…I mean, I paid for it, might as well use it, right? .

Wednesday was a wonderful day. At noon it was 84, lots of sunshine. I actually enjoyed driving with the sunroof open.

I had to run some errands, and stopped at the chiropractor about 14:00. I left my carry piece securely locked in the car as there is no secure storage at the Chiropractor’s office. I left the windows up and the sunroof open about 8″ for semi security and to keep the car from getting too hot while I was at the docs.

He wasn’t as busy as I expected what with all the cars in the lot, and I was in and out in about 20 minutes.

I paid up, got back into the car, and left. All by myself in the car. No one but me. I know this because I had checked as part of my security scan that I do before entering a car that has been parked outside of my vision for any length of time at all….

I was driving down the road about a half mile from the doc’s office when there was a dark colored bit of motion at the right edge of my peripheral vision.

As I looked in the rearview mirror to see what it was, something bounced off the inside of the sunroof glass of the car then there was a sharp pain on my right shoulder and something was hitting me in the ear…!.

I admit I swerved the car a bit (OK, a lot), and yelled out loud and maybe peed myself just a little bit before realizing that a bird had happened to enter the car through the sunroof while I was in the doc’s office and had apparently been in the backseat footwell when I scanned the interior of the car before unlocking it….and had tried to exit through the same sunroof while I was driving down the road at about 40 mph and had bounced off the glass before falling onto my right shoulder.

I pulled over and let him out and let my heart rate go back to normal. Both of us were unharmed.

I am, however, rethinking this sunroof decision.

4 thoughts on “Well, that was interesting…..

  1. Gassing up in Mt. Vernon, IL one time a distraught couple was fueling next to me. Their cat had exited through the sunroof on the Interstate.

  2. B, good thing you have a strong heart.
    That would have freaked out anyone.

  3. Had an owl hit the jeep and get stuck in the luggage rack one dark night. I felt bad about it, but not much I could do. Good thing the bird that impacted your vehicle didn't hit you in the face! That would be a bad day.

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