Little people go to jail

Unlike Hillary Clinton, this person’s mishandling of classified data (the only crime he committed, except for the attempted coverup when he learned he was under investigation) is going to lead him to jail time.

Lets look at the parallels here:

1. possession of classified data.
2. Improper storage of said data.
3. Deleting files and evidence that the data existed when investigated.
4. Lying to investigators.

Sub sailor’s photo case draws comparisons to Clinton emails.

If we really had “equal protection under the law” either he’d go free or she’d be in jail.

1 thought on “Little people go to jail

  1. I would like to know why she wasn't arrested and charged for obstruction for erasing information from server before finally handing it over to authorities after much delay. That in and of itself should have been enough for charging and jailing her. They then could do their investigation on the other charges, while she was serving time for obstruction and tampering of evidence
    . The whole thing is a sick joke. Bitch is going to walk, again.

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