Not like it was a surprise


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While I agree with him, he disobeyed an order……and is facing the consequences.

Was it a lawful order? I dunno. We shall find out, I guess.

Dud has balls, I will say that. Should we meet, the beer is on me. sir.

Have ya noticed?

A day after getting his “Covid Booster”, Joe Biden is somewhat…..less visible…

He cancelled his arrival at Chicago (and the TFR that had been in place for a week) and his time in public has suddenly been severally curtailed…(or at least the coverage of it has been).

Did he have a bad reaction? We will, of course, never know.

Are you aware?

The “Hatian” migrants that were allowed into the country via the Mexican border near Del Rio Texas…approximately 12,000 of them…were not tested for Covid before being spread out across the US….

And, oddly enough, there is a surge of Covid and other disease at the border…..

Interesting, innit? Here we have a crisis, a Pandemic, a terrible  scourge upon our population… so bad that people are being fired for refusing to be vaccinated…one so bad that we shut down our economy for nearly a year over it…

Yet the Administration allowed 12,000 unvaccinated and UNTESTED people to spread across the country. Did they have Covid? We simply don’t know. But they were treated differently than people entering the country legally via airports, who have to show proof of vaccination and/or a negative covid test.

I’ll believe that there is a real crisis when they start acting like it is a real crisis.

Covid is racist and sexist

It seems that Covid dropped the “Life expectancy” numbers for US residents by on average, about 1.5 years.


But for Men, that was closer to 2.2 years…and for black and latino people in was more like 2.9 years…


Apparently the Chinese were somehow able to develop a racist and sexist vaccine….’Cause we know, because  we have been told over and over, (and over again), that differences in equity, income, wealth and life expectancy are all based upon racism and not lifestyle and culture….And all of us are all the same, except for the outcome of our lives based on race…which is caused by racism…So it must be racism and sexism in the virus that causes this different outcome….

Just “sittin’ my car”

It would seem that the most dangerous place to be after dark on the South Side of Chicago is “Sitting in a car”….


People get shot that way. Generally more than one a night. Not in the North or West sides, just the South side….

Odd that:  Innocent people “Sitting in my car”. Is this a normal place to sit….In your car outside of your home? I ask ;cause that is not a place that I generally could be found….At least not in front of my own home. So I wonder….

A real example of why we in the US need the Second Amendment

Just take a look at the behavior or the Federal Government in Australia, and the police enforcement of the Covid mandates..


Arrested for not wearing a mask while OUTSIDE.

Arrested for congregating in groups….inside OR outside.

The police are polite (likely more polite than the cops would be in the US) but form…and if one does not comply, one is (generally) arrested, often with some violence. They don’t fuck around.

And the Australian citizens simply can’t do anything about it….the cops have the guns, as the citizens foolishly turned all of their firearms in years ago.

They are subjects, not citizens…forced to comply. Forced to follow the whims of those in power. Unable to resist as they have chosen to make themselves powerless. While I doubt they envisioned this outcome, Covid gave the government the excuse…and the citizens were powerless to resist the changes.

I wonder how long until Australians show up in the US claiming asylum.



Question about the “recount”

Can the ballots be accounted for? In other words, does each ballot have a provenance?

Once a ballot enters the ballot count, it is good….But did it get there in a non fraudulent manner? Was it mail in vote? If so, was it a real mail in vote? Or was it one of the many that apparently were turned in last minute?

If a “normal” vote….did it appear after the polls closed?

Is there any way to tell real from (possibly) fraudulent?

Asking for a friend.

It is no doubt because of Global warming….

At least some Democrats will claim it anyway….

Or it could just be because, you know, it is Hurricane Season.

This one might be as bad as Sandy, if the path it takes is just right….


Whatever….This could be a big storm and it could severely impact the US East Coast.

Hurricane Sam forecast to rapidly intensify into a Category 4 in the Atlantic


No doubt, if it does hit the US, there will be lots of damage…and the US taxpayer will pay for most of it because insurance rates are subsidized by the Federal Government and so don’t really reflect the real risk.


“Hatian Migrants”

Except for a couple of details:

Most have not lived in Hati for YEARS.

Most (not all, but most) are eligible for asylum in other South American countries, but were brought to the US/Mexico border (brought, via bus in many cases, by activist organizations) when they had  other options…

And how, exactly were the Border Patrol folks supposed to stop the “migrants” from entering the US without “being aggressive” (Notice that they have backed off the whole “Beating and Whipping” meme?). These folks are already breaking the law…does Joe Biden and his group of handlers thing that a kind word and reason is gonna work? What, exactly, does Joe and his people think is the job of the Border Patrol?

This is a production, and a photo op, more than anything else.