Covid is racist and sexist

It seems that Covid dropped the “Life expectancy” numbers for US residents by on average, about 1.5 years.


But for Men, that was closer to 2.2 years…and for black and latino people in was more like 2.9 years…


Apparently the Chinese were somehow able to develop a racist and sexist vaccine….’Cause we know, becauseĀ  we have been told over and over, (and over again), that differences in equity, income, wealth and life expectancy are all based upon racism and not lifestyle and culture….And all of us are all the same, except for the outcome of our lives based on race…which is caused by racism…So it must be racism and sexism in the virus that causes this different outcome….

4 thoughts on “Covid is racist and sexist

  1. Heh, refusal to actually LOOK at underlying conditions by ethnicity ‘might’ have something to do with that…

  2. So that has to mean white privilege is no longer a factor in society.

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