Are you aware?

The “Hatian” migrants that were allowed into the country via the Mexican border near Del Rio Texas…approximately 12,000 of them…were not tested for Covid before being spread out across the US….

And, oddly enough, there is a surge of Covid and other disease at the border…..

Interesting, innit? Here we have a crisis, a Pandemic, a terribleĀ  scourge upon our population… so bad that people are being fired for refusing to be vaccinated…one so bad that we shut down our economy for nearly a year over it…

Yet the Administration allowed 12,000 unvaccinated and UNTESTED people to spread across the country. Did they have Covid? We simply don’t know. But they were treated differently than people entering the country legally via airports, who have to show proof of vaccination and/or a negative covid test.

I’ll believe that there is a real crisis when they start acting like it is a real crisis.

3 thoughts on “Are you aware?

  1. Note they have especially spread them to Florida and Texas – two states with Governors not in step with the administration and were doing just fine case-wise/ Now they will have a case spike and the Dems will claim its due to those governor’s actions rather than the Biden Administration shipping in Covid-positive “immigrants” to those states.

    • Not to mention the political genocide that will have been perpetrated in those states…

  2. Yeah; somehow they won’t spread the plague, but anyone working for a company with more than 100 employees will… S-C-I-E-N-C-E!!!

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