A real example of why we in the US need the Second Amendment

Just take a look at the behavior or the Federal Government in Australia, and the police enforcement of the Covid mandates..


Arrested for not wearing a mask while OUTSIDE.

Arrested for congregating in groups….inside OR outside.

The police are polite (likely more polite than the cops would be in the US) but form…and if one does not comply, one is (generally) arrested, often with some violence. They don’t fuck around.

And the Australian citizens simply can’t do anything about it….the cops have the guns, as the citizens foolishly turned all of their firearms in years ago.

They are subjects, not citizens…forced to comply. Forced to follow the whims of those in power. Unable to resist as they have chosen to make themselves powerless. While I doubt they envisioned this outcome, Covid gave the government the excuse…and the citizens were powerless to resist the changes.

I wonder how long until Australians show up in the US claiming asylum.