“Hatian Migrants”

Except for a couple of details:

Most have not lived in Hati for YEARS.

Most (not all, but most) are eligible for asylum in other South American countries, but were brought to the US/Mexico border (brought, via bus in many cases, by activist organizations) when they had  other options…

And how, exactly were the Border Patrol folks supposed to stop the “migrants” from entering the US without “being aggressive” (Notice that they have backed off the whole “Beating and Whipping” meme?). These folks are already breaking the law…does Joe Biden and his group of handlers thing that a kind word and reason is gonna work? What, exactly, does Joe and his people think is the job of the Border Patrol?

This is a production, and a photo op, more than anything else.

2 thoughts on ““Hatian Migrants”

  1. Apparently only 300 have actually been sent back… out of 15,000….

  2. It seems the biggest deterrent is that you get put on a cargo plane and pushed down the ramp on the tarmac in Haiti. Right back where you started years before. We need to make this standard practice.

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