6 tons of leaves

Yeah, that is what I took off the lawn last weekend. (seriously, at least 6 tons with the leaf vacuum and the leaf blower….The vacuum holds about 1800 pounds per load and I took 8 loads of leaves to the dumping area).

Yet, to look at the yard today, I didn’t do anything at all.

I LOVE having giant oaks, but not at this time of year. 

One wonders

Chicago area Representative Luis Guiteierrez won’t seek reelection.

Odd, that. He pretty much is guaranteed a job, enjoying great support from the Chicago political machine and having a district that is chock a block full of (and gerrymandered to make sure of that) progressive liberals and hispanics who LOVE his policies of wanting open borders and other liberal policies  that benefit Hispanics. (Plus he’s anti Trump). He pretty much had a job for life.

Yet, suddenly, he chooses to “not run for reelection“.

One wonders what dirt (and who has it) on him. 


A different experience when aviatin’.

Landings weren’t a biggie. I had no issues on the approach or touchdown (other than my normal flare issues, which are getting better). Everyone told me how hard it was, landing at night,  but I didn’t find it any more difficult than a daytime landing.

Flying without the ground reference was a bit more challenging, but that is what they make altimeters and artificial horizons for. Really that wasn’t an issue….so far. I (generally) don’t get vertigo as long as I have a horizon reference, at least so far in my life. If on a boat, as long as I stay on deck I’m fine. It is below deck where my eyes and inner ear disagree that I get vertigo and the resultant nausea. Really, as long as I have even a glass of water to give me a horizon, I’m ok. Other than having to use the field as a reference instead of landmarks (which I should be doing anyway, right?) I had no issues in the pattern.

My only real challenge was the fact that 04N is down with a Nav light issue (again), so I was in 3HA, which, while  a 172S, is a Garmin 1000 instrument panel, as opposed to Steam Gauges. I don’t like the altimeter and airspeed tape display, and if I had the panel brightness to where it didn’t interfere with my night vision, it caused issues in reading the two tapes. If I had it bright enough to be able to clearly read the two tapes for altimeter and airspeed (kinda important), I caused issues with my night vision. This may not be an issue during the day, but it is at night.

I think I prefer the steam gauges. Easier and faster to scan, and easier for an old guy to read.
When I buy my own plane, I don’t think that a Garmin panel is gonna be a selling point.

6 more landing. 2 flat, 4 good (one really smooth, and not by simple chance). I’m getting there.

I think the night landings actually helped. Better perspective.

I won’t get to fly again until Monday, so we will see what else I learned and what I forgot.

Remember those 4 young black kids?

who beat and kidnapped and tortured the mentally disabled white kid on Facebook while screaming racial epithets …back in January? The ones that were charged with torture, kidnapping and hate crimes?

Well, according to reports, the racial charges have been quietly dropped. No more “Hate Crime”. Just aggravated kidnapping and ransom.

Care to take bets as to how this would have been handled if the races had been reversed? If a group of white kids had done this to a back man or kid?

Look, I think racially motivated crimes are terrible, no matter what the mix. Black/white. black/hispanic, Hispanic/white, White/black, etc. All bad. Any racially motivated crime deserves extra punishment. (Or at least special scrutiny come sentencing, at a minimum)
But lets keep it equal. No special privileges for folks just because they are poor black kids. (Nor rich white kids either).

These kids, by their own actions of the video, did this, in part, because of race. That should matter, if only ’cause it matters in other cases.

Prolly a good idea he cancelled, anyway.

The media must be biased

They must be censoring the stories of white folks going apeshit and fighting and brawling and otherwise acting uncivilized at the Black Friday sales……..

I mean, every single one of the stories shows black people acting like animals, never white folks, or asians. Come to think of it, I didn’t see and hispanics either. Nor muslims nor Hindus.

Odd. Why don’t they show those others brawling and fighting?

Must be the same conspiracy that only shows the Muslims as mass murderers with a religious motivation.

Or, we could accept that they are showing us what is the only thing that is happening, and that the other races aren’t acting like animals in a crowd. That the other races act like civilized people. 

’tis interesting

There are those who claim to actually believe the accusations against Roy Moore.

And a great deal of those women say they believe the accusers because there are more than one.

Yet those same folks, oddly enough, failed to believe (actually attacked the accusers) those women who accused William Jefferson Clinton of his assaults….Even though there were more than one accuser.

I don’t know if the accusers of Roy Moore are real or made up by the Post newspaper organization. I do know that they paid for the accusers to come forward and “Tell their Story” (I don’t know for sure that William Clinton’s accusers were telling the truth either, BTW). But I do know that there is a double standard in how the Media chooses to cover these stories. How they are slanted and how they are reported (if they are reported at all). Was William Clinton guilty? Probably. Did he get away with it because he was approved of by the media establishment? Likely.

And there is the rub. Moore’s accusers lack credibility, but are being given a platform for their accusations. Clinton’s accusers did not lack credibility, but were pretty much denied a platform for their stories to be heard.


I received my Student Pilot card from the FAA/DOT.

Oddly, the picture on it looks like Orville Wright.