Remember those 4 young black kids?

who beat and kidnapped and tortured the mentally disabled white kid on Facebook while screaming racial epithets …back in January? The ones that were charged with torture, kidnapping and hate crimes?

Well, according to reports, the racial charges have been quietly dropped. No more “Hate Crime”. Just aggravated kidnapping and ransom.

Care to take bets as to how this would have been handled if the races had been reversed? If a group of white kids had done this to a back man or kid?

Look, I think racially motivated crimes are terrible, no matter what the mix. Black/white. black/hispanic, Hispanic/white, White/black, etc. All bad. Any racially motivated crime deserves extra punishment. (Or at least special scrutiny come sentencing, at a minimum)
But lets keep it equal. No special privileges for folks just because they are poor black kids. (Nor rich white kids either).

These kids, by their own actions of the video, did this, in part, because of race. That should matter, if only ’cause it matters in other cases.

One thought on “Remember those 4 young black kids?

  1. Remember, it's all agendas… ONLY whites can do race crimes… sigh

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