Almost a perfect design

So I have THIS coffeemaker on my countertop.

It is everything I desire in a coffeemaker. It makes excellent coffee, does so on a timer if needed, dispenses coffee without having to pour it, etc…..It even has a gauge that shows how much coffee is left.



The other day, I came out of my slumber expecting a freshly brewed cup of my favorite bean juice. (Beans for breakfast nearly every morning, AmEyeRite?)

Sadly, the coffee valve had a small bit of coffee ground or other un-needed and unwanted extraneous detritus in the valve that the o-ring type seal was unable to cope with.

I had to drink my covfefe off of the counter  (as the pot had dripped out through the compromised valve)  until I was awake enough to fix the valve issue and re-brew my morning pot.

No one was killed or seriously harmed during that time. I am getting soft in my age.

10 black people shot in Chicago

Thursday evening. 2 dead.

No one is worried about Black on Black violence though. Nowhere near the outcry as that of the shooter in Buffalo.

Why is that? Why does race matter only when it is a white perpetrator, but when it is a black shooter no one is surprised….why do they try to hide the race then? (BTW, the shooter had 3 aggravated “with a gun” crimes already, but was out on the street because “justice”)

Why is it that they scream so loudly when a white person commits a crime of violence, but are nearly silent when it is a black person….or is it just expected by the Liberals that Black people will commit more crimes?

I mean, black people kill more back people than white people do….

Funny how this pops up now, innit?

So just as Elon Musk is making waves and is gonna put the screws to the Liberal/Woke/DNC censorship at Twitter, this old news pops up all across the media:

Elon Musk ‘paid SpaceX flight attendant $250,000 to settle claim he propositioned her for sex, exposed himself and offered to buy her a horse in exchange for a massage’ – but he says there’s ‘more to this story’
Musk, 50, was accused of exposing himself to the flight attendant, rubbing her leg and offering gifts in exchange for a massage
The 2016 incident is alleged in papers signed by a friend of the flight attendant. Other records and correspondence were also turned over by the friend
‘If I were inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this is unlikely to be the first time in my entire 30-year career that it comes to light,’ Musk responded


Funny, one has to wonder how much she is being paid to talk about this now….usually these settlements have a “No disclosure” clause in them….so her talking about it will come with severe repayment penalties. Someone must be paying her big time to speak out…enough to cover her costs for doing so.

Funny about the timing though……


Have you read the “Manifesto”?

I won’t use his name, it should be left unsaid except when you spit afterward…


But I did read the “manifesto” left behind by the Buffalo Shooter….If it was his

Which I strongly doubt.

It was most obviously written by 4 or more people, and it is most obviously NOT written by an 18 year old. Likely written by a gun banner and someone who wants to focus attention to neo-Nazi types….White supremacist sorts, as it were…Very different writing styles in different parts of the screed. Almost as if it were written so that someone could blame the currently most politically “Bad” groups.

It is most obviously propaganda, written by others.

But we will never know.

If you wish to read it yourself, HERE IS A LINK.

If you can read it all and believe it was written by an 18 year old with obvious mental issues, then you’ll believe anything.


Lest you think I (and others) are full of shit about this “manifesto” and the supposed author, remember we told you that the Michigan Militia was the FBI informing on itself and entrapping idiots….and we were right.

political grandstanding

Why did Biden go to the Buffalo shooting (10 black people killed (allegedly) by a white guy with a firearm…supposedly in a racist attack) but not other mass murder events….like Waukesha (6 people killed and over 60 injured with a car (allegedly) by a black man who posted racist messages before the attack) or other places where black people killed whites in racist attacks?

Why this one? Is it just to demonstrate to black people that he (and the Democrats) cares about them? (Hint: He doesn’t…he has done nothing in his years of government service to improve their lot, and ignores them except before an election…like now).

Where is he when whites are killed by racist black people?

Look: I don’t care if he shows up at all, but I am angered by the fact that he panders to black people when a white person (allegedly) shoots whites in an (alleged) hate crime….but ignores it when the perpetrator is black. Murder is murder, attempted murder is just as bad. Racism is racism. Why honor one and not the other? Why is one more important? Is it because one happens often and the other is rare?

Unless, of course, it is just pandering and posturing.

Have you noticed???

The Media had all their stories about how Black People have been “Kept Down” ready for airing just after the Buffalo, NY shooter did his deed.


And have you also noticed that there were no covered “racially motivated” shootings until it became time to get folks riled up for the midterms?

One might almost think that there was manipulation happening….

Feel free to change my mind in the comments.