The though processes of police officers:

If ever there was a perfect example of “Follow orders even when you know it is wrong” then Uvalde is prime example.

Not only did the Uvalde police officers follow the orders of the chief to stay out, even though their training only months before told them to react and go in as soon as possible, they actively restrained parents who were attempting to go in to the school to rescue the children.

Even though they knew it was the wrong course of action. They followed orders. They stayed outside. Then they did their best (again following orders) to prevent the Border Patrol tac team from entering, again at the orders of their Chief.

How man children bled out in that hour? How many might have been saved had the shooter been neutralized in the first 20 minutes and had the kids been immediately taken to professional medical care, or even just paramedic care? How many more (if any) additional children were shot during the wait?

They Followed Orders even when their training and their conscience told them the orders were wrong.

Think about that. What happens when they are told to herd you into a boxcar? Will they Follow Orders?

ETA: The point I am trying to make here is that the cops chose to follow orders no matter what….Despite training, common sense and all the other factors…..THEY FOLLOWED ORDERS rather than do what was RIGHT.  Shows the mindset that tells us that, when the time comes, they will Follow Orders even if they are not in the best interest of those citizens who they purport to serve, protect, and defend.

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  1. I’m betting the friends, neighbors, church ,folks at the store,, will be grinding it into them every day. The ones who did nothing will be driven out. At least, I hope that happens.

  2. Many poor decisions freakishly aligned in this incident.

    According to some reports the police chief was a long-time 9-1-1 operator with a mediocre career. According to the report, he was selected by the city counsel. Viewed from subsequent events, any cop on the force above the level of raw-rookie would have been a more defensible choice.

    An old pair of battered loafers might be very comfortable but they are a poor choice when things go Tango-Uniform.

  3. just look at how many took the jab. many didn’t want to, but they took it anyway to save their job. the “good” ones bailed, so we’re left with the order followers. army, the same. at least now it will be easier to identify unfriendly forces, they all are. just made our job easier. i’d say we should thank them for that.

  4. The rank and file of the police force had just gone through training for this kind of emergency but I am willing to bet that the police chief was too busy dictating memo’s to attend the training; then insisted on doing things his way even though he had no qualifications at all to make the decisions he was making.

  5. We’ve had the best practice/process/procedures in place for some 20 years on how to handle these situations.
    Shouldn’t be that hard to follow through

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