I wanna believe otherwise…

But every time details from these shootings emerge, the picture becomes clearer that there is more to the story than we are being told….and it appears that these victims are just sacrifices to the agenda….

Retired federal agent who was member of Buffalo supermarket shooter’s private race-hate forum may have known in ADVANCE of massacre but failed to report it – as cops investigate user called ‘Sandman’ who tutored killer on guns

Have you noticed the patterns to these shootings? There are several. Kill (or try to) the family member they live with. Always an AR, never an AK or other type of rifle. Almost always an expensive AR-pattern rifle. Almost always some sort of psychotropic drug prescribed….almost always telegraphs the intent before carrying it out. Almost always another person involved as mentor in online chats or other means of communication.

Lots of other details shared with previous massacres if you bother to look. Plus the timelines are always in the months before an election (draw your own conclusions there)…..

You gotta wonder if the Uvalde shooter also had someone in the Federal Government that he was communicating with via chat or facebook or other internet forumĀ  like all the past shooters…..

I mean, it’ll go along with the propped open door at the school….. and the incompetence of the sheriff ….But at some point all the other details simply don’t make logical sense.