You gotta ask yourself

Why was that ONE door unlocked at the school in Uvalde?

Lots of things about this just smell bad. This is one of them.

5 thoughts on “You gotta ask yourself

  1. Yes. And why did the killer know to go to THAT door?

  2. teacher propped it open, probably to smoke. he walked around trying doors and shooting at stuff for somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the source. it took cops 16 minutes to log on the scene. kid locked the door behind him. cops reportedly called around to find a key. yes, seriously… no resource officer b/c most of the students are latino and admin thought they would be intimidated by an r/o walking around.

  3. Opening the door for a few moments I can understand. Propping it open? Nope.

  4. Apparently there was an awards ceremony that day and he door was opened for parents to come in and forgotten.

    Still inexcusable. Almost every school has ONE public entrance since Sandy Hook and Columbine. No exceptions.

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