Filled my gas tank for $21.83!

Of course, it was my lawnmower but whatever….

4 thoughts on “Filled my gas tank for $21.83!

  1. I just paid $65.00 for 10.6 gallons of diesel… “middle-of-the-road” price per gallon where I live… Yeah, there are a couple of places with cheaper diesel, but the last thing I want in my truck is a tank of dirty or wet diesel…

    • I paid $62.30 for 10 gallons to dump in my house fuel tank because I can’t afford the huge hit of a fill up. Yeah, it is more per gallon, but I can spread it out and will eventually end up with a full tank. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do come winter.

    • Who says we aren’t speaking? We disagree on a lot. So what? Yer not my enemy. If we are ever close in our travels, I’ll even buy the beer.

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