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My grandfather blamed the decline of the civilization of the US on Social Programs…Welfare and such. He claimed it destroyed families and culture, especially black culture, because the majority(then) of the recipients were black. Seeing what “blue” areas are becoming, I have to say that he was smarter than I gave him credit for then.

My 5 (five)

Robb asks the question. And it is a good one. I have a large list, and hadda do some real cogitating to pick my top 5. It would be easier to do a top 50.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. A Sharps (or well made copy) in 45-90. While I don’t often have access to a range where this rifle could shine, I’d like one. 45-90 because, in a pinch, I can use 45-70 in the longer chamber. Sharps because….Well, it is a Sharps. I know that there are more modern cartridges out there, whose long range trajectory doesn’t resemble a rainbow, which carry more energy downrange, and are all around better for the job of long range shooting/sniping/hunting. I don’t care. I want one.

2. A big double rifle. Something like this, or this…or maybe this.  In .470 NE. 26″ barrel. Regulated to 100 yds. maybe with a second leaf for 200.  Just because. Unless you want to pool yer spare change and buy me these.

3. A Singer 1911. This one. I’d knock down Mother Theresa carrying 2 undernourished children to the doctor to get my hands on this.  And step on her too.

4. A grease gun .  If you need to ask why, then you need some serious re-education. Or you are stupid. Or maybe need your meds adjusted. Ideally with the 9mm conversion kit so I have a choice of what kind of money to turn into smoke and noise….

5. And last, but certainly not least (remember, no particular order) a Mauser (pistol)… specifically a Shaxi type 17 Broomhandle. Just because I want one. Besides, it was the basis for Han’s gun which he used to shoot Greedo. And I like Han.

Now all I have to do is win several lotteries. And invent something that everyone wants to buy. Then I can begin the collection.

I wish

that I could find out the name of the man who designed that piece of equipment

In order that I could track him down and either kick him in the balls or piss on his grave.

Either would work for me after spending 3 hours struggling to replace a belt..
I donated several square inches of skin and about a half pint of blood, all because someone did a piss poor job of engineering.

Above the law?

Since the “won” failed to show at the Georgia court hearing regarding his eligiblity to be President of these United States, He is, best case, in contempt of the court.

And since his attorney didn’t show, one would think that he considers himself above the law….(no surprise there)

2 things:

You haven’t seen any of this on any mainstream media, and it is doubtful that you will…

And will this tactic of ignoring the issue work again? Will we let it?

I really don’t know if he is or is not an eligible citizen. But the farther this goes, the more I wonder what he is hiding?



On Venus?

I highly doubt it, but it would be interesting.
But 800+ degrees F? nearly 100 times the pressure?

We do have life which exists in similar conditions here on earth, so it is possible.

If they are intelligent though, they’ll likely want to stay away from us.

Women (true)

Stolen from a forum I check out periodically:

 God promised men that good and obedient women would be found in all corners of the world.

And then He made the earth round.


Between the message the O pushes, and the Republican response to it, I no longer see a light at the end of the tunnel, I see an oncoming train (wreck)

There was nothing that I heard that inspired hope. Nothing.

If Obama gets re-elected, we are fucked.

And if Mitch Daniels’ message represents the republican party, then there is only despair.

Methinks that someone missed a chance when all of our government officials were all together under one roof…


We got the stuff we won from the soldiers angels fundraiser.

Thanks for all your hard work Linoge.