My 5 (five)

Robb asks the question. And it is a good one. I have a large list, and hadda do some real cogitating to pick my top 5. It would be easier to do a top 50.

In no particular order, here they are:

1. A Sharps (or well made copy) in 45-90. While I don’t often have access to a range where this rifle could shine, I’d like one. 45-90 because, in a pinch, I can use 45-70 in the longer chamber. Sharps because….Well, it is a Sharps. I know that there are more modern cartridges out there, whose long range trajectory doesn’t resemble a rainbow, which carry more energy downrange, and are all around better for the job of long range shooting/sniping/hunting. I don’t care. I want one.

2. A big double rifle. Something like this, or this…or maybe this.  In .470 NE. 26″ barrel. Regulated to 100 yds. maybe with a second leaf for 200.  Just because. Unless you want to pool yer spare change and buy me these.

3. A Singer 1911. This one. I’d knock down Mother Theresa carrying 2 undernourished children to the doctor to get my hands on this.  And step on her too.

4. A grease gun .  If you need to ask why, then you need some serious re-education. Or you are stupid. Or maybe need your meds adjusted. Ideally with the 9mm conversion kit so I have a choice of what kind of money to turn into smoke and noise….

5. And last, but certainly not least (remember, no particular order) a Mauser (pistol)… specifically a Shaxi type 17 Broomhandle. Just because I want one. Besides, it was the basis for Han’s gun which he used to shoot Greedo. And I like Han.

Now all I have to do is win several lotteries. And invent something that everyone wants to buy. Then I can begin the collection.

One thought on “My 5 (five)

  1. Very Nice!
    Grease Gun! I forgot I need one too!
    Agree that 5 is just too few.

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