We will see:

Look: I am not a fan of TheDonald. Prolly won’t vote for him again. (Only voted for him last time as the lesser of the two weasels) I’d much prefer if the RNC folks found someone that is actually worth supporting….Rather than an ineffective ex-New York (democrat) Businessman who didn’t get the job done due to lack of support from the RNC and our legislators)

But I have questions: When are they gonna stop the persecution? Do they really think that this will keep him from running (and/or winning?) (I mean, it is doubtful that they can make the whole vote “irregularities” thing work again….(Even though Joe got more votes than any other Candidate in History or something”)…so they gotta find another way, I guess..

How come William Jefferson Clinton’s hush money legal settlement to Paula Jones was legal and Donnie’s payment to some porn star wasn’t?

Next thing it will be a slew of “Conspiracy” charges….. Those always work, for a while

Is it true that they fear him so much that they won’t stop charging him until he stops running?

When will enough be enough?

Will the Democrats/Soros folks make this one stick? Or will this just be another attempt at bad publicity for Mr. Trump?


It was funny watching the Talking Heads on the Media wet their panties telling us about his indictment though. Didn’t even bother to hide their glee at the thought of him being handcuffed and perp-walked. So much for impartial news…..


So is it like a parking meter?

Only for gas and electricity?

Nearly 100,000 Prepayment Meters Forcibly Installed In UK Homes

Do you feed it banknotes every morning, or coins by the hour or only when the little red flag pops up and the lights go out?

If anyone in the UK can tell us how this works, please let us know.


Here in the US, the folks who don’t pay their heat bill are excused during winter months, (at least on public utilities) and then, if they are a Privileged Race, they get the bill excused. (at least in Blue cities)….If you are rural and use propane, then yer fucked.

Piece of history gone

Seems that the first Wright Bros. factory has burned.


Irreplaceable bit of history gone. A shame, really.

Some are saying it was in the way of some new development and that is the reason for the fire. I dunno.


just watched the released video

of the police response in Nashville.

I don’t know how long, exactly, it took them to respond to the school, but once they got there, they didn’t hesitate….rather they did what they are paid to do. (you can find it on Youtube and about a thousand other websites)

They put themselves in harms way to protect the citizens (and children) of the community. They were smart about it, and they followed their training…..But..


And for that reason, they are indeed heroes.

Much more so than the cowards in Uvalde. All of the police that didn’t respond that day.


That was fast

Oddly, they have already released interior and exterior camera footage of the Nashville school shooter. (Or at least some of it)

Odd, It usually takes a week or more.

Of course, this Nashville police department doesn’t, apparently, have something to hide, no reason to be ashamed of their actions, so there is that…

So you gotta wonder how

They are gonna spin this one:

Trans female former student, 28, armed with two assault rifles and a handgun, kills three nine-year-old kids and three staff members at Nashville private Christian school

I mean, trans woman (or whatever)….Chick who wanted to be a guy?

Anyway, attacks a CHRISTIAN, Church-run school.

Hate crime? If not, why not? If it were a black school, it would be a hate crime. If it were a Jewish school it would be a hate crime. Plus the trans woman-religious school connection.

Either way, perp has attained room temperature so she/he/her/him(or whateverthefuck pronoun) won’t be passing on those defective genes.

It’ll be interesting to see how they media plays this.

Of course, “more gun control would have stopped this” (not). Plus “Assault Rifle” and all that…..Perhaps we need Trans Control or better mental health resources instead.

ETA: Innit interesting that this shooting happened (and is publicized  by the Media) just after Slow Joe and the Democrats began their latest push for Gun Control? Terribly convenient, eh? Funny how these things all seem to work like that…..

Clueless administrator withdraws

So the Biden pick for FAA Head finally got the memo:

He withdrew from further consideration after a lack of support from……pretty much everyone who was not a Biden supporter.

Being clueless is not a good way to start. Having zero knowledge of the subject makes for poor management. Just because you have run an airport does not mean you can run a regulatory agency tasked with keeping airliners flying, airplanes safe, flowing traffic efficiently and safely, and managing all the other needs of aviation.

We already have “Mayor Pete” who doesn’t do anything…..Why would we want one of his subordinates to be equally clueless and useless?

I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords

Via a link in a post by Phil

Pentagon believes alien mothership could be eyeing Earth

Who had Space Aliens in March on their picks?


Hope they are friendly,…..if not, I wonder how they handle .224 dia 62 grain chunks of lead and cupronickel at 3000FPS. (I can do larger/faster, but lets go with the most common-in-use at this time for a reference). Hope none are needed….

And, of course, the US has given it’s stockpiles of bigger ammunition to Ukraine….just when we might need it against aliens (if not China).