Clueless administrator withdraws

So the Biden pick for FAA Head finally got the memo:

He withdrew from further consideration after a lack of support from……pretty much everyone who was not a Biden supporter.

Being clueless is not a good way to start. Having zero knowledge of the subject makes for poor management. Just because you have run an airport does not mean you can run a regulatory agency tasked with keeping airliners flying, airplanes safe, flowing traffic efficiently and safely, and managing all the other needs of aviation.

We already have “Mayor Pete” who doesn’t do anything…..Why would we want one of his subordinates to be equally clueless and useless?

4 thoughts on “Clueless administrator withdraws

  1. “Sir, can you please give us your best description of “lift?
    That guy was an unqualified maroon

  2. Good news. The only risk with this resignation is that they instead appoint someone who embodies the unofficial Motto of the FAA:

    “We’re Not Happy Until You’re Not Happy”

    • Much truth to that.
      But as long as he has a clue as to what he is regulating, I’ll take that over a clueless “administrator” who doesn’t know what he is administrating over.

  3. Considering how badly he F’ed up DEN, this is a GOOD thing!

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