Piece of history gone

Seems that the first Wright Bros. factory has burned.


Irreplaceable bit of history gone. A shame, really.

Some are saying it was in the way of some new development and that is the reason for the fire. I dunno.


3 thoughts on “Piece of history gone

  1. The historic RR turntable in my old town was bulldozed then burned. This even though it was listed on state and federal Historical registers.

    The aftermath involved the contractor saying he had the wrong address! At the press conference, every of the county and state elected looked lackadaisical even as they mouthed the words of how regretable this terrible loss.

    Many suspected it was to make room for new commercial buildings. As expected, very quickly was the ground prepared for *already approved* building plans.
    (How does planning approve plans for structures to be built where a historical building stand?)

    San Luis Obispo, CA

  2. Correction:
    Delete, ‘… county and state …’
    Add, ‘… county and city …’

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