We will see:

Look: I am not a fan of TheDonald. Prolly won’t vote for him again. (Only voted for him last time as the lesser of the two weasels) I’d much prefer if the RNC folks found someone that is actually worth supporting….Rather than an ineffective ex-New York (democrat) Businessman who didn’t get the job done due to lack of support from the RNC and our legislators)

But I have questions: When are they gonna stop the persecution? Do they really think that this will keep him from running (and/or winning?) (I mean, it is doubtful that they can make the whole vote “irregularities” thing work again….(Even though Joe got more votes than any other Candidate in History or something”)…so they gotta find another way, I guess..

How come William Jefferson Clinton’s hush money legal settlement to Paula Jones was legal and Donnie’s payment to some porn star wasn’t?

Next thing it will be a slew of “Conspiracy” charges….. Those always work, for a while

Is it true that they fear him so much that they won’t stop charging him until he stops running?

When will enough be enough?

Will the Democrats/Soros folks make this one stick? Or will this just be another attempt at bad publicity for Mr. Trump?


It was funny watching the Talking Heads on the Media wet their panties telling us about his indictment though. Didn’t even bother to hide their glee at the thought of him being handcuffed and perp-walked. So much for impartial news…..


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  1. I doubt that Trump ever faces those charges. The Democrats have more to lose than they stand to gain by actually bringing those charges against him. By actually charging him with campaign fraud or whatever they are charging him with, they are merely galvanizing his base into uniting behind him, and we both know just how that will go. They will get out the vote like never before, and that means probably over 70 million voters, and there is no way in God’s green earth that Joe Biden can match those votes, by stealing them a second time, with the Republican machine primed and waiting this time.
    I would hope that the Republicans have learned a thing or two, after two failed election cycles that in my own humble opinion were somehow lost to a Democrat machine that did not get out the vote so much as they got out the Republican votes by tossing them into a river of something. Because there is no possible way that after seeing just what the economy and the pandemic response and every stolen freedom during the 2 years leading up to the midterm election the Democrats held on to the Senate and almost kept the House. Unless they had the fix in, which is again in my mind likely. They just didn’t fix the House quite well enough.
    Heck, in Michigan, with the Empress of Lansing, they took control of the entire government, including AG, the SOS and the Legislature. And we know just how great of a job was done during the pandemic with forcing the nursing homes to take patients with covid in.
    This is just one more entertaining mess that our Democrat leaders are giving us, to enjoy. I suggest that we look around closely to see if they are hiding something that they don’t want us to see, like the magician and his other hand.

  2. a) this isn’t about trump. its about showing you/us that they can get anybody anytime.
    b) its going to be fun watching them scream when he wins on appeal,sues the crap out of them and costs them their jobs, assuming the economy doesn’t go tits up first.
    c) again, not about the election. they have that sewn up already. the cheat is already in.
    d) unintended consequences are a b!tch. desantis says he won’t extradite if it comes to that. think that out……. or, what if secret service got into a gunfight w/ nypd trying to arrest trump? wars are started over the smallest of issues sometimes.

  3. Trump’s the most Conservative we have ever had (including Reagan)
    Good luck with getting the RNC to pick a quality candidate (Jeb-lite DeSantis ain’t the answer)
    Pigpen and River are correct

  4. As Riverrider said, this isn’t about Trump. Trump is SYMBOLIC of the Left’s desire for TOTAL CONTROL of everything you and I do or say. If the Left can get Trump, it can get us. Of course, it has to get past all those guns, and it’s doing its damndest to achieve that! Good luck on that one, kids…

    “…Rather than an ineffective ex-New York (democrat) Businessman who didn’t get the job done due to lack of support from the RNC and our legislators…” So… Trump not getting anything done due to lack of his party’s support was HIS FAULT? To the contrary, he got some things done DESPITE that lack of support and DESPITE the chainsaws the DNC had him juggling.

    Trump ran as a Republican. Was he a Democrat? ‘Sure didn’t act like one. In this case, I’d rather see a DINO in the White House than a RINO. Trump is flawed. So am I. We have at least one thing in common; we LOVE AMERICA!

    Trump ripped the lid off the DC septic tank. One would need to be comatose not to smell the stink. The Deep State has no choice but to try and eliminate this threat to its existence. This may be its undoing, as MANY peoples’ eyes have been opened. I’ll write Trump in on my ballot if the DS succeeds.

    Vote your conscience… Just don’t vote unconscious…

    • If you think Trump was a Republican, you need to open your eyes.

      He was a Democrat before his campaign. Look at his history. Try learning something beyond what Fox News tells you.

      If Trump had his way, you’d not own those guns you talked about.

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