Why we aren’t getting the best anymore

Once, immigrants had to take an arduous (and likely expensive) journey to reach their new home….and it was difficult, if not impossible to return to the “homeland”….One left friends and family behind, possibly never seeing them again. This sort of journey required committed people, strong of heart and generally those willing to work hard and endure in order to find a better life. The weak/lazy, fearful and yes, less intelligent stayed, and the strong, brave and (generally) more intelligent were the ones willing to emigrate to a new land….This is why, in part, the Untied States became the best, most productive country in the world…..for a time. We got the strong, brave resourceful and intelligent souls from Europe and other countries and they helped make America what it was (our laws and COnstitution helped there as well)

Now, one can travel from continent to continent in a few hours, tens of hours will get you nearly around the world. There is no hardship in the travel, and nearly anyone with enough money to buy a ticket (and such travel is, comparatively, cheap) can move to another country relatively easily. SO now we get the lazy, the indigent and the weak, where once we got the brave, industrious and strong. The filter of difficulty and commitment has been removed….there is, effectively no barrier for people to move th where the lickings are better.

Add it governments trying to “help” people by making settlements in our larger cities (See also: Somalia in Minneapolis) the allowances made for illegals in Sanctuary cities and we, as a nation, are weakened rather than strengthened by immigration…Yes, we still get some of the best and the brightest, but they are becoming a minority more and more every day. We also get much of the detritus of other countries….

So the answer of why we no longer get the best, brightest and most motivated people….people with a strong work ethic and with a drive to succeed….Immigrants that enhance and uplift our country….

It is simply to easy to get here, and once here, too easy to live (and stay) here.

We need to work on that.

IQ falling across the world:

So it would seem that people are noticing the fact that where there is immigration from Third World Countries there is a drop in the average national IQ.

DUH. I mean who’da thought?

The Third World is the Third World for a reason. Not because the rest of the world is keeping them down. 

And in the end, Third World Immigraton will lower not only the IQ of those countries, but their ability to feed, clothe and defend themselves.  Eventually to support themselves at all. It will destroy the country economically.

One might think that this is a plan….

Enjoy your Holiday

But, while cooking out and being in the company of friends or family…

Take a moment and remember those who DIED to give you the freedom and security to be able to enjoy this day off…..

This day is in remembrance for those folks, not just a 3 day weekend.

Take a moment. Raise a glass. Say a prayer.

Remember.  Say “thank you”….They’ll hear it.
Trust me.

Racing weekend:

This is the one Sunday of the year where I watch Formula One racing at Monaco in the morning, Then the Indy 1500, then later in the day, the Coca-Cola 600. I do nothing productive all day. And I don’t care.

But the commercials are starting to frighten me.

Especially the Chevy commercials. I am sure that they are effective, and that is what scares me. If those commercials are effective in the 20-30 year old demographic, then I am really afraid. We are screwed as a nation and for the foreseeable future. Totally fucked as far as future leadership or a decent, thinking, intelligent population.

No wonder folks like Ocasio-Cortez get elected. 

‘Twas nice to see

The Formula One racing community take a moment and remember Niki Lauda before the race at Monaco..

He may have been one of the greatest drivers of all time, and was a great ambassador for Formula One.

It was nice to see the teams give tribute. 

No one

Is willing to admit it….


One might think that Germany, of all places, would NOT allow or tolerate anti-Semitism.

I can not recommend Jews to wear the Kippa anytime anywhere in Germany. Unfortunately I have to say so, “said Felix Klein the newspapers of the Funke media group. He had his opinion “compared to earlier unfortunately changed”.

He justified this with the “increasing social disinhibition and brutality,” which presented a fatal breeding ground for anti-Semitism . About 90 percent of the crimes are attributable to the extreme right-wing environment. For Muslim perpetrators, it is mostly people who have lived in Germany for some time. “Many of them watch Arab stations that convey a fatal picture of Israel and Jews.”

Instead they blame “the extreme right wing environment”. Odd.  Why not admit the truth? It isn’t so much the “Native” Germans as the new immigrants that Ms Merkel brought in. Why are they such a protected group?

And were I Jewish and lived in Germany, I’d arm myself and my family in order to protect them from the coming second wave Reichskristallnacht.

Toldya (again):

Seems that lots of women are finding out (and writing about) the consequences of painting all men as predators, especially in the workplace……

Many bosses (Male ones, at least), realizing that they cannot win if accused (no matter if it is a false accusation by a mean spirited harpy or a real, legitimate complaint) simply forted up and chose not to interact with female employees….The safest course of action.  (Not that some women would lie, I mean,….All women should be heard. Because victimhood. Because Patriarchy. Because predation. (I mean, if women ARE that fragile then perhaps they don’t belong in the workplace, after all??))

And it isn’t like the definition of harassment is ever changing to make men look bad no matter what they do, what action they take.

So the easy way is to simply reduce all interaction to women subordinates to an absolute minimum….Which is the path many, if not all, male bosses are taking…because really, it is the only safe way. So women lose the mentoring, and the learning and the social interaction that can help them learn and advance.

The MeeeToooo movement has “won”…and women lose. Because feminism is a farce.

Much like a Noose:

Here in the US amongst our Black community….

Anything can be seen as a “hate symbol” if you choose to see it that way.

Swedish Government Is Looking to Ban Historic Rune Script and Viking Imagery as “Hate Symbols” Against Ethnic Groups

I know a fair number of folks from that part of the world who wear a Mjölner on a chain to show their religion….no different that a Star of David is worn by jews or a cross by Catholics. But the hammer will be banned because it “disturbs” those “ethnic” immigrants

This oughta be interesting to watch….

At the end of the day, how much are we willing to change our lives and culture to accommodate those who would invade our lands and who hate us and our way of life?