No one

Is willing to admit it….


One might think that Germany, of all places, would NOT allow or tolerate anti-Semitism.

I can not recommend Jews to wear the Kippa anytime anywhere in Germany. Unfortunately I have to say so, “said Felix Klein the newspapers of the Funke media group. He had his opinion “compared to earlier unfortunately changed”.

He justified this with the “increasing social disinhibition and brutality,” which presented a fatal breeding ground for anti-Semitism . About 90 percent of the crimes are attributable to the extreme right-wing environment. For Muslim perpetrators, it is mostly people who have lived in Germany for some time. “Many of them watch Arab stations that convey a fatal picture of Israel and Jews.”

Instead they blame “the extreme right wing environment”. Odd.  Why not admit the truth? It isn’t so much the “Native” Germans as the new immigrants that Ms Merkel brought in. Why are they such a protected group?

And were I Jewish and lived in Germany, I’d arm myself and my family in order to protect them from the coming second wave Reichskristallnacht.

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  1. I had a conversation today with a Dutch woman who despises Jews because they ignore UN resolutions. She brushe'd off my observation that the are 15 Isla mic states dedicated to the destruction and genocide of Israel/Jews. Her response was that they deserved whatever happened to them because they had the audacity to object to UN sanctioned genicide.

  2. Perhaps they despise Jews, but do they perpetrate violence against them?

    My German friends tell me it is not the Germans that do the antisemitic attacks.

    • My sense is that it was all very academic for the woman.

      It was a matter of principle and abstract argument and 'you should agree with me because my logic is so elegant.'

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