Toldya (again):

Seems that lots of women are finding out (and writing about) the consequences of painting all men as predators, especially in the workplace……

Many bosses (Male ones, at least), realizing that they cannot win if accused (no matter if it is a false accusation by a mean spirited harpy or a real, legitimate complaint) simply forted up and chose not to interact with female employees….The safest course of action.  (Not that some women would lie, I mean,….All women should be heard. Because victimhood. Because Patriarchy. Because predation. (I mean, if women ARE that fragile then perhaps they don’t belong in the workplace, after all??))

And it isn’t like the definition of harassment is ever changing to make men look bad no matter what they do, what action they take.

So the easy way is to simply reduce all interaction to women subordinates to an absolute minimum….Which is the path many, if not all, male bosses are taking…because really, it is the only safe way. So women lose the mentoring, and the learning and the social interaction that can help them learn and advance.

The MeeeToooo movement has “won”…and women lose. Because feminism is a farce.

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