Why we aren’t getting the best anymore

Once, immigrants had to take an arduous (and likely expensive) journey to reach their new home….and it was difficult, if not impossible to return to the “homeland”….One left friends and family behind, possibly never seeing them again. This sort of journey required committed people, strong of heart and generally those willing to work hard and endure in order to find a better life. The weak/lazy, fearful and yes, less intelligent stayed, and the strong, brave and (generally) more intelligent were the ones willing to emigrate to a new land….This is why, in part, the Untied States became the best, most productive country in the world…..for a time. We got the strong, brave resourceful and intelligent souls from Europe and other countries and they helped make America what it was (our laws and COnstitution helped there as well)

Now, one can travel from continent to continent in a few hours, tens of hours will get you nearly around the world. There is no hardship in the travel, and nearly anyone with enough money to buy a ticket (and such travel is, comparatively, cheap) can move to another country relatively easily. SO now we get the lazy, the indigent and the weak, where once we got the brave, industrious and strong. The filter of difficulty and commitment has been removed….there is, effectively no barrier for people to move th where the lickings are better.

Add it governments trying to “help” people by making settlements in our larger cities (See also: Somalia in Minneapolis) the allowances made for illegals in Sanctuary cities and we, as a nation, are weakened rather than strengthened by immigration…Yes, we still get some of the best and the brightest, but they are becoming a minority more and more every day. We also get much of the detritus of other countries….

So the answer of why we no longer get the best, brightest and most motivated people….people with a strong work ethic and with a drive to succeed….Immigrants that enhance and uplift our country….

It is simply to easy to get here, and once here, too easy to live (and stay) here.

We need to work on that.

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  1. My take; it's too late. The Trojan horse has already disgorged the contents of its gut. This is one we're going to need to shoot our way out of…

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