So I downloaded the targets for EJ’s June E-postal match.

And printed them.

And went to the range for an hour. 30 yards…

I shot a 70 with the 10-22. Not good. My form offhand sucks, and I am a bit wobbly. I tried with a loaned to me tricked out 10-22 with a VERY heavy barrel as well, but it caused me to be even wobblier, so I gave that one up as a bad idea.  I’d like to steal that trigger though….

Then I shot with the Buckmark with the red dot. Yeah, I am out of shape. I shot a 65.

the 15-20 knot crosswind didn’t help, but I can’t blame everything on that. I just plain am out of shape when it comes to shooting. I guess some dry fire practice is in order.

Could be worse, but I can (and have) done a lot better. I didn’t embarrass myself, but I used to be better when I had time for the range.

You should take the time to see how you do.

I am again reminded that marksmanship with a pistol or a rifle is indeed a perishable skill.


SO I am at the Doctors. Office today.

I like my Doc. He’s older, wise, doesn’t preach, and is genuinely concerned about my health. He gives advice, but not to the point of preaching at me when he knows I am not gonna follow it. (“Stop drinking cheap whiskey!”, etc)

So, in addition to the multitude of tests that I am about to undergo, he wants to discuss diet…

Asks me how healthy of a diet I eat..

“Well, doc, I’m not eating handfuls of lard and salt, but I could, of course, eat better”….(I actually eat a fairly decent diet, but only fairly…it could be better)

“Are you getting enough vegetables and fruits?”

Well, I could eat more fruit, but I have vegetables every day….in fact, every morning!”

“Every morning?”

“Yessir: Beans every morning”


“Yep. 2, sometimes 3 cups”


“Yessir… Coffee”

“Coffee isn’t a vegetable.”

“By my book it is, Doc.
Coffee is a bean, beans are vegetables. Coffee is made from ground beans….ergo, coffee is a vegetable.”

He didn’t buy it. More broccoli and such for B.

He also didn’t buy the argument that vegetables are what food eats….

And why not?

If it were you, or me, and we were involved in a shooting (good or not) then OUR names would be released….

Why not Police Officers?

Why should they have the veil of secrecy to hide behind?

Much like the courts deciding that is is OK to video Police Officers in their official capacity.

No more special treatment. No special immunities. Just the same rules as normal citizens.

Maybe we will get a better quality of police officer out of this.

If their actions cannot stand the light of inquiry, then what are they hiding?

It occurs to me

That we, as a nation, are all responsible for the VA issues. The lack of care, the failures in management, the deaths caused by people waiting for care.

THis didn’t just happen overnight. We have all known that the VA was a cesspool of mismanagement and underfunding. That the level of care was poor and that there were issues with the management that never seemed to be fixed.

For many years, and for many administrations there have been stories after stories about the failures in the VA.

Yes, this latest scandal happened on Barry’s watch, and yes, he should have Done Something before this.

But so should Bush, and Clinton and the elder Bush, and Reagan, and Carter. They didn’t. And we let them Do Nothing.

When Obamacare was being trotted out, even before there was a vote, we used the VA as an example of why Obamacare wouldn’t work.

Yet we did not demand that out Presidents and Senators and COngressmen actually fix the VA.

We, as a nation, failed our Veterans.

We allowed this to happen.

We too are guilty.

13 for thirteen

(even if the answer for #12 should be methane and/or water vapor, but I chose the “politically correct” answer, ’cause the correct answers weren’t choices)

See how you do. How smart are you?

Try it yourself

Back to the grind

Work work work. I’ll likely regret being off for 2 days.

If I could only find staff that could read and write and show up sober.

And I am not kidding, it is that bad. The people who can do that are already employed.

The others sponge off the assorted Federal and State programs, for food, rent and electric bills… they are already getting health care and medicine for free…Then they go to a food pantry (or 2) and get more free food so they can spend their EBT/SNAP money on booze and smokes.

A parting thought this Memorial Day:

Ronald Reagan was a master at dramatic speeches. But our current President (who is also a great speaker) can’t be bothered to take the time to honor those who have fallen.

He’ll never make a speech like this one:

Ever….. He cares not for the citizens nor the soldiers of this country. Not a whit. He has no pride in either, and no respect for either as well. And no respect for what this country stands for.

Cardboard personalities cannot make speeches like the above.