13 for thirteen

(even if the answer for #12 should be methane and/or water vapor, but I chose the “politically correct” answer, ’cause the correct answers weren’t choices)

See how you do. How smart are you?

Try it yourself

7 thoughts on “13 for thirteen

  1. Science and Technology Knowledge Quiz Results

    You answered 13 of 13 questions correctly.

    The only questions where women did better than men were the healthcare/drug related ones.

  2. 13/13. I am saddened by the percentages for those that completed college. These were all pretty much softball questions that a hs grad should know.

  3. 13/13… And every HIGH SCHOOL student should know those…

  4. I am a high school drop out and I still got 13 of 13 right. For real.

  5. 13 of 13. #12 did say which gas scientists "believe" is the cause. If he believes in anthropogenic global climate change, he already believes in the Tooth Fairy.

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