So I downloaded the targets for EJ’s June E-postal match.

And printed them.

And went to the range for an hour. 30 yards…

I shot a 70 with the 10-22. Not good. My form offhand sucks, and I am a bit wobbly. I tried with a loaned to me tricked out 10-22 with a VERY heavy barrel as well, but it caused me to be even wobblier, so I gave that one up as a bad idea.  I’d like to steal that trigger though….

Then I shot with the Buckmark with the red dot. Yeah, I am out of shape. I shot a 65.

the 15-20 knot crosswind didn’t help, but I can’t blame everything on that. I just plain am out of shape when it comes to shooting. I guess some dry fire practice is in order.

Could be worse, but I can (and have) done a lot better. I didn’t embarrass myself, but I used to be better when I had time for the range.

You should take the time to see how you do.

I am again reminded that marksmanship with a pistol or a rifle is indeed a perishable skill.

3 thoughts on “Shoot!

  1. Don't be so hard on yourself. You went. You shot. And have the sense to tell yourself you need more range time. That sounds like a great plan. We do dry fire drills around my place with snap caps in place to alleviate any damage concerns. One tip to try with your marksmanship training is to put a piece of tape on the wall with a small circle drawn on it at the same level that you hold your pistol. Take a number two pencil and slide it into the barrel of your pistol, stand so that the tip of the pistol is 3 inches from the tape. Aim at the circle you drew, draw the hammer and "fire" the weapon. The firing pin striking the eraser will move it forward onto the circle. This will allow you to see if your jerking or pushing the pistol. TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! Have a good weekend!

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