SO I am at the Doctors. Office today.

I like my Doc. He’s older, wise, doesn’t preach, and is genuinely concerned about my health. He gives advice, but not to the point of preaching at me when he knows I am not gonna follow it. (“Stop drinking cheap whiskey!”, etc)

So, in addition to the multitude of tests that I am about to undergo, he wants to discuss diet…

Asks me how healthy of a diet I eat..

“Well, doc, I’m not eating handfuls of lard and salt, but I could, of course, eat better”….(I actually eat a fairly decent diet, but only fairly…it could be better)

“Are you getting enough vegetables and fruits?”

Well, I could eat more fruit, but I have vegetables every day….in fact, every morning!”

“Every morning?”

“Yessir: Beans every morning”


“Yep. 2, sometimes 3 cups”


“Yessir… Coffee”

“Coffee isn’t a vegetable.”

“By my book it is, Doc.
Coffee is a bean, beans are vegetables. Coffee is made from ground beans….ergo, coffee is a vegetable.”

He didn’t buy it. More broccoli and such for B.

He also didn’t buy the argument that vegetables are what food eats….

2 thoughts on “Vegetablez

  1. Thanks for the chuckle!
    Sounds a lot like my Dr visits. Now I've got a witty riposte for him.

  2. Corn is a vegetable. White lightning is the distilled essence of corn.

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