It occurs to me

That we, as a nation, are all responsible for the VA issues. The lack of care, the failures in management, the deaths caused by people waiting for care.

THis didn’t just happen overnight. We have all known that the VA was a cesspool of mismanagement and underfunding. That the level of care was poor and that there were issues with the management that never seemed to be fixed.

For many years, and for many administrations there have been stories after stories about the failures in the VA.

Yes, this latest scandal happened on Barry’s watch, and yes, he should have Done Something before this.

But so should Bush, and Clinton and the elder Bush, and Reagan, and Carter. They didn’t. And we let them Do Nothing.

When Obamacare was being trotted out, even before there was a vote, we used the VA as an example of why Obamacare wouldn’t work.

Yet we did not demand that out Presidents and Senators and COngressmen actually fix the VA.

We, as a nation, failed our Veterans.

We allowed this to happen.

We too are guilty.

2 thoughts on “It occurs to me

  1. Having to use the VA because I can not afford to insurance I can tell you it is a three ring circus. I have a bad knee that swells up from over use yet for 33 years the VA says nothing wrong.
    The doctors while good don't see nearly as many patients as a private practice doctor.
    Don't go as a walk in unless you have to. You could die before you get to see a doctor. Gov't health care at it's best.

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