Holy cats

Watching the coverage of the  “protests” in downtown Chicago….One might call it Theater and be more correct, in fact. 

I mean, really.

How can anyone with a rational mind NOT see these “protests” for what they are? See the theater and hatemongering? 

And don’t these folk realize that once the election is over the DNC (who is the prime mover behind these “protests) will forget about them until about a year prior to the NEXT election? 

Preparing for more “Peaceful” protests

 So the businesses in Downtown Chicago are preparing for more “Peaceful” protests this weekend.

Yep, construction crews are boarding up all the storefront windows in most of downtown. 3/4 inch plywood and lots of 2×4’s to make sure those “Peaceful” protesters don’t accidentally break those plate glass display windows and stumble inside to be tempted by all that unguarded merchandise that might fall into their possession. Those damned greedy Irish folks….

This is what liberal governors have wrought. Businesses cannot depend on the police for protection. The South Side residents cannot be depended upon to behave in a civilized manner. “Rage!” is the order of the day, with emboldened savages expected to once again ravage the downtown areas looking for :Reparations” for the plight of their won culture and behavior. 

I fully expect that the next step is armed security, or, failing that, those businesses will simply relocate elsewhere. 

The late Mayor Dailey is said to have told his officers to “shoot anyone looting” in his day, during the late 60’s. Perhaps he had the right idea. It did keep the looting to a minimum, didn’t it? 


 So, since Kyle Rittenhouse is 17 years old (and threfore a minor) How is it that we all ahve heard his name? 

The media generally doesn’t give out the names of minors, no matter what the crime they are accused of. 

Yet in this instance, the media has chosen to spread his name far and wide. 

Must be part of those Double Standards that we have these days….wherein RightSpeak flourishes. 

“Rooftop Kenoshans”

 Kenny’s term, not mine. But it fits.

He has some articles with interesting videos. (warning, graphic video of a dude with a gunshot wound to his bicep). 

Seems a couple of friends of the business owner decided to keep his business from being looted and torched (again) and this led to some kinetic interactions with the looters protesters. (watch the second link)

(a side note, dude in the video with the AR helping the gunshot guy is lucky the cops didn’t ventilate his ass). 

There’s gonna be more of this, as people in free states are gonna use the tools at their disposal to protect that property which they have worked hard for. It hasn’t happened elsewhere ’cause those folks are limited as to what weapons they have (and can use) to defend their property and livelihoods. But now that they rioters have moved into a free-ish state like Wisconsin, where lots of people are able to arm themselves (and are willing to use force to defend what they have) things are gonna get serious….and they have. (in other words: This ain’t Portland, boys and girls….these people fight back, and your ass might just get shot)

The State will have it’s Revenge:

 It seems that the 3 mile Border Wall that was built on private land in McAllen Texas pissed some folks in Hidalgo County off. 

The Hidalgo County Appraisal District sent a letter to the landowner, sugar cane farmer Lance Neuhaus, of Neuhaus & Sons, advising him that his property south of Mission, Texas, has been valued at millions more than the previous year because of the private border wall structure.

I expected that the Liberals would find a way to get back at him. 

One might argue that the 3 mile border wall adds no more value than any other fence, and therefore the valuation is bogus….and that the change from Agricultural to Commercial is capricious. 

I don’t know what happened:

 And neither do any of you, or likely any of the folks protesting in Kenosha.

We do know the dude shot by the cops in Kenosha had a warrant, that he had a record, that he had a conviction on weapons charges, that he disobeyed a police order, Tazed before walking away from the cops, that he ignored their orders to stop and that he was reaching into his car for something. 

The folks protesting don’t want “justice”. they want a lynching. Instant “justice”….

They don’t care what really happened, they don’t care about anything except that a man with an African ancestry was killed by a police officer. 

And they are trashing another city because of it. 

I don’t know the circumstances surrounding this shooting. Nor do you. I have questions, and I can’t make the call if it was a god shoot or not. I’m not prepared to condemn the officer, nor am I prepared to exonerate him either. A 30 second video is not enough data to make the call. 

But then again, I’m not African American, nor am I likely to act in a Mob. I’m more deliberate than that.